Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Customer is Always Right?

You know the saying; "The Customer is Always Right" or the fact that companies tell their employees to make their customers feel important and appreciated. If that's true in business and I've worked for businesses that had that philosophy, how would we grade the NHL & NHLPA?

I would give them a big fat F. F for FAILURE. NHL fans have the right to feel as if they are being kicked to the curb. We hear them arguing and being greedy about revenue sharing percentages and this, that and the other. Sometime we hear that the fans are important but that's bunch of garbage. NHL fans need to wake up and realize that the NHL and NHLPA couldn't care less about their fans. If they did, they would avoid a lockout.

The vast majority of fans don't want a lockout. That doesn't matter to Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr. Why should they care? Well they should but as stated in previous lockout articles on Sportmentary.com, these two knuckleheads love lockouts. Gary Bettman will be directing the NHL to its third lockout.

As for Mr. Fehr. This will be his first NHL lockout but he was head of the MLBA during their last lockout. We can score it 3-2 for badass, I mean Bettman. These two guys seem fixated on the lockout. They should be fixated on the fans.

Who is that pays the bills for the NHL? This may be a stretch but isn't it the fans? Of course it's the fans. Without the fans, the NHL doesn't exist. It fades away into obscurity. It's the fans that put their hard working tushes on the seats.

For the most part, it's not millionaires and billionaires that fill the seats. It's people like me and you. It's the hard working stiff that dishes out good money to see hockey. If the NHL was fan oriented and cared about the people who paid their bills, they would solve the labor dispute and give the fans what they want. That is hockey. Hockey, hockey, hockey.

When it comes to the NHL's customers, are the customers always right? It seems as if the fan is never right or never appreciated. The fan is taken for granted and then kicked to the curb. The fan is treated like garbage. Horse manure is treated better than the NHL fan.

Another lockout
Are NHL fans appreciated?

I'm Not Sure

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