Sunday, September 30, 2012

Special Teams Spectacular at Ford Field

Minnesota displayed their special teams in spectacular fashion as they defeated the Detroit Lions 20-13 at Ford field. The Vikings are now 3-1 and are off to the most surprising start of any team in the NFL. That's my opinion. I had the Vikings winning only 6 games this year and the last 2 games were expected losses in my book.

Autographed Percy Harvin Photo - 8x10The Vikings started the game with a Percy Harvin 105 yard kickoff return TD. The excitement was only beginning and the for most Vikings fans. I'm sure there were lots of beer and salsa stains on many Minnesota carpets after cheering uncontrollably this after the Harvin TD.

Marcus Sherels added a 77 yard punt return to add another spectacular moment for the fans at Ford Field. Unfortunately for the fans it was a spectacular play for our Minnesota Vikings and not the home field Lions. The 2 special teams TDs were all the touchdowns that the Vikings needed to march their way to victory.

The Vikings defense was also very good on Sunday afternoon. It was the second straight week that the Vikings defense led the Vikings to victory. It's awesome that they only gave up 13 points and only 1 TD score by the Lions.

The Vikings dominated the Lions today as they made Detroit look more like pussy cats than the Kings of the jungle. It was an awesome division win for the club. Now the Vikings sit atop the NFC North.

I sure hope they continue to surprise us. I can't believe they are 3-1. I had them going 1-3 to start the season. The Vikings can really build on the last 2 games as they have won games against 2 solid teams. It's quite possible for the Vikings to go 9-7 this year. That would be quite a surprise.

Stars of the Game: Defense and Special Teams.

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