Friday, September 14, 2012

NHL - Nice Having Lockout

The NHL should stand for Nice Having Lockout. If a deal isn't reached by Saturday September 15th and it doesn't seem like there's a chance of that happening, the NHL, led  by Gary Bettman will lockout the players and risk destroying the NHL.

Gary Bettman will be directing his 3rd lockout as commissioner of the NHL. He seems to love lockouts. I think he gets some sort of sick pleasure by directing these things. His NHLPA counterpart, Donald "Duck" Fehr, also seems to love lockouts.

Fehr will be salivating during his first NHL lockout but he was head of the MLBA during their last work stoppage. While Bettman will lead Fehr by a score of 3-2 in lockouts, Fehr isn't too far behind. Fehr sure has a good tutor in Bettman, to teach him how to navigate through a work stoppage.

Bettman can also teach Feeh the art of screwing the customer. Bettman can teach Fehr how to make the customer feel like cow dung. These two donkeys had all summer to work seriously to avoid a work stoppage but these guys procrastinated and did very little to negotiate in good faith.

If Fehr and Bettmna had worked hard to negotiate a new contract and avoided a lockout, they would have listened to their fans and showed them that they care about their customers. Fehr and Bettman's actions show NHL fans that they don't care about them and that the fan isn't important.

Many experts have warned the NHL that if NHL games were cancelled that a large part of their fan base would leave the league. How is the NHL and Gary Bettman responding? Bettman believes that fans will return and that there isn't a great risk of the NHL being damaged by a loss of games.

This shows how out of touch the NHL and NHLPA are when it comes to their fans. NHL fans in the USA are not loyal. They don't have to be. They can turn to the NBA and NFL to fill the void. The NHL is spitting in the faces of their fans by heading into this lockout.

We'll see how the fans actually respond. If regular season games aren't cancelled and a deal can be reached before the regular season, the fans probably wouldn't care. If regular season games are cancelled, the NHL will lose some fans and both the league and the players might be singing the blues.

I think the NHL should stand for Nice Having Lockout. This is the impression they are leaving the fan with. In this saga between the players and the league, the fan is marginalized and forgotten.

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