Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NFJ Might Be Short Lived

In my last article I wrote that I will be calling the league that Roger Goodell is commissioner of, the NFJ (National Football Joke). Monday night's game was the final straw of bad officiating for me. ESPN is reporting that the locked out (Real) officials might be returning soon.

I sure hope the real guys will be returning. I think the NFL realizes that the league has become a big joke and is void of integrity. They won't admit that publicly and they will try to spin all the bad calls and poorly officiated games (like Monday Night Football) in their favor.

NFL fans know what they've seen. They no that these past 3 weeks have been an officiating joke. If I hadn't seen these games, I would think that everyone was kidding. The horrible thing is that these bad calls actually happened.

The 2012 season will be known as the year of the clowns in the NFJ. Roger Goodell is a clown, the owners are clowns and the incompetent SCABS are clowns. It's sad that the NFJ allowed itself to become a joke. It's sad that the NFL allowed itself not to be taken seriously.

I sure hope that we don't witness another game like the one we saw on Monday Night Football. I also hope that I don't witness a serious player injury due to the incompetent officiating. I sure hope that the reports of a return by the regulars is true and that it happens for this week's games.

I'm sure that I'm like other NFJ fans when I say "enough is enough". It's time for the return of the real officials. I want to replace the J in NFJ with and L. I will only do it when the real officials return. Until that time, Roger's league will be known as the NFJ by

There is one other action that I'm taking. I will not use NFL sponsored ads (The banners you see at the top of the article pages) in new articles until this mess is solved. I just don't think that it would be right to do that, even if it means a little less money in my pocket. You see, sometimes a person has to dot he right thing, even if it doesn't involve money. That's something the NFJ could learn.

Video source: You Tube courtesy of ESPN

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