Tuesday, September 25, 2012

National Football Joke on Monday Night Football

By now you've either had time to reflect on the garbage that transpired in Seattle on Monday Night Football or you have had time to see the countless videos of the last second winning Hail Mary pass by Seattle QB Russell Wilson. The pass was to Golden Tate.

You also know that it was an interception by Green Bay's Jennings. You know that Green Bay won the game but that's not how the replacement SCABS saw it. In fact two different officials saw it differently. The scene was bizarre and if it wasn't so idiotic it would be funny.

If you've read any of my articles you know I hate the Packers. That being said, they were robbed. They were jobbed. They were slapped in the face. I'm a football fan first and a Packer hater second. There is no integrity left in the NFL.

The NFL became the National Football Joke on Monday Night Football. I will refer to the league as the NFJ (National Football Joke) until they gain some common sense and integrity and end this freak show experiment with the replacement officials who lack experience to handle an NFL game. These SCABS do know how to turn the NFL into the NFJ.

The officiating has become worse as the games have progressed from week to week. During Monday's game in week 2, we witnessed chaos on the field. This past Sunday night we witnessed more chaos and last night on Monday Night Football we witnessed the NFL product lose all its integrity.

Many of us saw this coming and wrote about this possible outcome. I'm going to say it now. If the NFJ doesn't change course, they might witness a serious injury or even a death of a player on the field. If that happens, I bet their sponsors will grow some coconuts and bail out of their contracts.

Roger "Badell" Goodell gambled on the replacements. It's as if he threw a Hail Mary of his own and failed miserably. It's as if he was hoping for a miracle when putting these SCABS on the field. It's as if he was hoping for a prayer. It's as if he was throwing darts at dart board and hit everything but the dart board. It's as if he was trying to throw a football at the barn but couldn't hit it's broad side.

OK! You get the point. Enough with the analogies. Roger Goodell has failed here. He has destroyed the game many of us love and if that's not enough, he has basically said that all NFL fans are idiots and are dumb. The NFL issued a statement today, saying that the right call was made. Roger called me a moron with that statement.

I would have accepted if he had integrity and admitted that the refs made a mistake or two or 50 last night. If he had made that type of statement, I would have accepted if he said the game's result was final.

We can blame the NFJ but who's really to blame. I am, and any NFL fan that tunes into the games or buys tickets to see the NFJ in action is as well. Until the greedy pigs who run the NFL fear losing money, they will allow this game to continue to spiral out of control and be a farce.

All the NFL cares about is money. I don't believe they care about the product or the safety of the players. The only thing that will make them care about anything is money or losing money. This is not the NFL I grew up watching. It has become a joke. That is sad.

Video Source: You Tube courtesy of ESPN


  1. Best ending to a football game ever. Both players had hands on the ball, the right call was made. I wouldn't be surprised if the regular refs would have called the same, maybe they would have called the pass interference though. Somehow though I blame the Packer fans, they are after all the owners of the Packers, and the owners puppet is Goodell, so its their own damn fault. HAHA Packers.

  2. So where were you when the Seahawks played the "Stealers" in the Superbowl a few years back? That game was so poorly refereed by "regular season" refs who made such bad calls that when one of them happened to be assigned to the Seahawks pre-season camp after the fact he actually apologized for his mistakes. I didn't hear a hue and cry from anyone but Seahawks fans about the mistakes made by the officiating crew. So it shouldn't be to surprising that you won't hear any complaining about the Patriots being "robbed". Maybe the old adage about "what goes around comes around".

  3. Welcome to Sportmentary Unkown. Your comment is about the past not the present. Why should our article go back in time. We were dealing with the game at hand. BTW, Sportmentary.com is a relatively new site, so going back a few years makes no sense at all.


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