Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Minnesota Wild – Doing the Right Thing

I’ve been critical of the NHL (Gary Bettman) and NHLPA (Donald Fehr) for the lockout and I believe that they are acting like donkeys. Once again, I must apologize to donkeys for mentioning them in the same breath as Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr.

Within this mess, there is one NHL team that I know of that is doing the right things for their fans and will be rewarding their fans loyalty. The Minnesota Wild announced that they would not only be issuing a credit to season ticket holders for any games that are cancelled but will be awarding those ticket holders with 10% interest (Insert link).

That’s a heck of a deal. While fans may be angry about the lockout, they have a great incentive not to turn away from the club. It also sends a message to the casual fan that this club respects them. Maybe it should be an incentive for the casual fan to become a season ticket holder.

Fans can now have confidence that the Wild will do the right thing and try to protect their fan base, even if they support Gary Bettman and his desire to cancel some NHL games. I believe that Gary Bettman is probably licking his chops and wanting to cancel the whole season.

The Minnesota Wild will wait to see what happens and will place all their bets on an NHL commissioner that is out of touch with fan bases around the league. Why should we be surprised that Bettman is clueless? The guy is an ex basketball executive and he came in as commissioner with no clue on how to run a hockey league.

It’s unfortunate that good teams and teams that are run well have to operate in an environment that flies in the face of good business and economic sense. The Wild understand the business and culture of hockey. They understand their fan base and they understand how to make their season ticket holders feel valued.

The only thing that the Wild could have done better was to vote against Bettman’s lockout proposal. I wish they would have had the coconuts to do that. Other than that, the Wild are class act and it’s good to see that they are treating their fans the right way.

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