Sunday, September 16, 2012

Minnesota Vikings - Are You Kidding Me?

After a heroic TD with 31 seconds left in today's game against the Indianapolis Colts gave the Minnesota Vikings the lead, it looked good for the Vikes. That was until the Colts had the last laugh and a game winning field goal with 8 ticks left on the clock. Are you kidding me?

How could the Vikings defense allow the Colts to score with so little time left on the clock? The answer is that the Vikings defense is terrible. They were man handled by an awful football team. This was an embarrassing loss for the team.

Autographed Jared Allen Photo - 8x10 GAIThe Vikings defense lacks talent, heart and resolve. Isn't Leslie Frazier supposed to be a defensive specialist.? He is but he's now the head coach. I've been critical of Frazier and his inability to have his team prepared for game day. This was evident last year.

Today's loss isn't only Frazier's fault. The players are professionals and they have to go out on the field and produce. If the Vikings had lost to a decent team, I might be more forgiving but the Cols are terrible and the Vikings had a golden opportunity to go to 2-0 on the season.

One thing that I do expect Frazier to work on is the stupid and costly penalties taken by the Vikings defense. This has got to stop and this is one of my biggest criticisms of the Frazier and his coaching staff.

Things get a little tougher for the purple. Next week the Vikings host the 2-0 San Francisco 49ers. It's almost a guaranteed loss. In week 4, the Vikings head to Detroit and that will probably be another loss. Instead of being 2-2 at week 4, the team will most likely be 1-3 and talking about next year.

Yes folks, these are the rebuilding years and they are going to be tough ones for Vikings fans. I entered this season with few expectations for the team but beating the Colts was one of them. Entering today's game, I thought that Minnesota probably had a chance of winning 6 games. Now they have a chance of winning 5.

Winning 5 games would be an improvement from last year. 5 wins would almost double last year's output. This is crazy. Hopefully the rebuilding years will be over by the time the Vikings new home is ready for play in 2016.


  1. Don't let Rick Spielmann off the hook while you are tossing barbs the Vikings' waye. He is their GM and he has been losing ground in the personnel department.

    First, he should have chosen Morris Claiborne with the Vikes' first pick in the draft. Matt Kalil is a nice tackle, but he could have picked up a decent tackle in the second or third round. They desperately need help in their secondary, with Antoine Winfield getting old and a bunch of guys at the other spots. Someone like Claiborne might have prevented the easy drive that led to the Colt's winning field goal. Instead, we get to hear Jerry Jones run his big mouth about how his secondary can shut down any QB.

    Second, someone please explain the rationale behind releasing both starting guards, including a perennial pro bowler. Last year Spielmann released Bryant McKinnie, who is starting for the Ravens, and this year he released Steve Hutchinson, who is now starting for the Titans. Hutchinson's replacement is Charlie Johnson, hardly an upgrade.

    Ziggy Wilf decided Spielmann was his man at GM, but he has not been rewarded with wise decisions. His team is an embarrassment, and it will only get worse. Ziggy will probably give Spielmann another raise after the season.

  2. JC, thanks for your comment. I agree and maybe should have taken a couple of shots at Spielman. Maybe next time around as they are almost guaranteed a loss against the 49ers. I wonder why the Wilfs keep Spielman around?

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