Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jets have Kane in their Corner for Six Years

The Winnipeg Jets have done what many fans thought was going to be impossible to do. They have signed Evander Kane to a six-year, $31.5 million contract just before the collective bargaining agreement expired and the NHL lockout began.

It would be hard not to be excited if you are Kane as he has hit the lottery but was this the right move for the Jets. The Jets now have a 5.25 million cap hit on the books because of the signing, which will make him nearly impossible to trade.

Many will say why trade Kane? The answer is he is a one dimensional player who comes across as self centered and arrogant. He cannot pass well or play a lick of defense and he has had trouble adapting to living in the fishbowl that is being a Jet in Winnipeg. This has led many to question if he really wanted to play in the City. These could be the very reasons the Jets were unable to trade him and we can only guess that Chevy explored that option before agreeing to take such a large cap hit

However, Kane is still young and under the right leadership, his game could evolve. On a team like the jets that lacks a scoring punch, it would not be wise to let Kane slip away. This signing also sends a message to other players on the team, around the league and the fans that the Jets are serious about becoming a winner.

There is no doubt that this is a good signing from a public relations point of view but will it help to build this team into a contender and can Kane become the face of this franchise? Will other high profile free agents flock here because of Kane? Only time will tell and maybe just maybe Evander Kane will prove his critics wrong and prove he is not just one dimensional and can become a leader. Hopefully Kane isn't just focused on personal success and the all mighty dollar but also being a good player and teammate.

Article by Sportmentary's Winnipeg correspondent, The Comish.

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