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Is the NHL Really Good for Businesses in NHL Markets

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Most of my articles regarding the potential NHL lockout looks into the question; is it bad for the NHL if there is a lockout? I usually state my frustrations as a fan and also ridicule the league for not wanting to capitalize on a successful 2011/12 season. In this article, I ask the question; Is the NHL good for businesses in the markets that NHL play's in?

I ask the question because the NHL says that businesses and the community benefits from an NHL franchise. They tell us that the NHL employs people form the community. They tell us that the business community benefits and they tell us that new businesses are created.

I agree with that for the most part but what happens during a work stoppage? Businesses lose a substantial part of their business. The losses incurred due to a work stoppage can't be recovered. Businesses that were created and serve clientele primarily during the season, could be wiped out or suffer substantial harm.

What does the NHL tell us then. What does the NHL tell the business community and the community in general? They tell nus that they believe they can weather the storm of a lockout and they take their fan base for granted, telling the media that the fans will return.

In essence the NHL has turned its back on the communities and cities that were told that NHL was vital to their economic growth. If there is a lockout, can we blame the NHL for decline in business revenue and the potential decline in the economies in the cities that the NHL serves?

I think that's fair. I think fans need to punish the NHL if there's a lockout. Fans in Canada and the US need to send a loud message to Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr that they will not be taken for granted. They need to tell the NHL that if they are going to destroy small businesses that rely on the league, that in turn they are going to destroy the league.

Without the fans, the NHL is nothing. It will have no revenue and it will cease to exist. The NHL hasn't taken this part of the equitation seriously. If the NHL has a work stoppage, it is telling everyone involved that it's anti-business. It will show everyone that the NHL doesn't support the business communities in NHL cities.

NHL Lockout
Is the NHL Good for Businesses in NHL Markets

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  1. The NHL doesn't care about anything but its own wallet, sure they will say the right things because it will help sell tickets and merchandise. This is the last league that can afford a lockout, it was finally starting to make up the ground from the last strike. Losing ESPN coverage was horrible, hopefully the new NBCSports sticks with them, although they don't have as many programming options as ESPN did. Ticket prices are out of control, the talent is watered down from expansion and many teams are struggling to make money. The players and owners need to realize that most of the USA doesn't care about hockey, they cannot expect an NFL like revenue to come flowing in.

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