Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is it Possible for the NFLPA to Do the Right Thing?

Is it possible for a an organization that I believe supports criminals and thugs to ever do the right thing? When it comes to the NFLPA, I don't believe so. The latest action by the organization makes me think that they are made up of a bunch of clowns and duds.

The NFLPA has asked a federal judge to block the bounty suspensions of 3 players. The NFLPA might be trying to say that it represents its members but what it shows me is that it is supporting only 3 players and not the majority. The NFL ruled that those 3 players were guilty of disgusting acts.

If the NFLPA  wanted to show their membership that they were serious about protecting them, they would stay out of this. That would be too hard for the thugs that run the organization and the thug membership of the NFLPA.

I believe that the organization is void of common decency. They are void of ethical conduct and they are void of moral behavior. It shows me that the NFLPA wants to support actions of players that run foul. They want to support disgusting behavior.

Sometimes a line must be drawn. The NFLPA hasn't set that line for its membership.That's why its members continue to get arrested on DUI, assault, rape and other charges. The NFLPA supports those members and sends a message to every player that it's OK to act like a bum.

I've lost all my respect for the NFLPA. I guess we shouldn't expect much from them. I've come to expect that the organization is made up of a group of rotten apples. Sure there are a handful of good guys but the majority seem to be a bunch of scumbags.

If I'm wrong with my assessment, then the good players should step forward and stop this nonsense. Let's see if the majority are good guys or scumbags. Personally it doesn't seem to be in the NFLPA membership's DNA to have some decency. It seems as if they would rather support disgusting and horrible behavior over decent and moral behavior.

Do You Think the NFLPA Should be Trying to Block the Bounty Suspensions?

I'm Not Sure

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