Thursday, September 13, 2012

How Could They Let This Happen?

It's one thing that I call Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr Donkeys but NHL owners take dumb to a whole new level. As expected the NHL bums voted unanimously in support of a league imposed lockout if a new CBA isn't in place by September 15th.

How could they let this happen? I thought that rich businessmen bought sports franchises. You'd think they would make good businessmen. It looks like they got lucky in business. A smart businessman wouldn't allow the NHL to lockout the players and risk losing part or all of a season.

A smart businessman would recognize that the NHL is coming off it's best year in its history (2011/12).

A smart businessman would want to capitalize on that success during the current season. A smart businessman would understand that if the NHL misses any part of their season, they would not be able recoup the losses. I don't mean just the revenue lost from those games but the fans lost forever or for a long time.

A smart businessman would understand that the NHL can't afford a long lockout like the NBA had. The NBA has a much bigger and more loyal fan base when it comes to the United States. A smart businessman would avoid a lockout.

So I've clearly identified that NHL owners don't seem so smart. It's clear that their heads are stuck so far up their backsides that they can't think or see clearly. Maybe that's why they plan on treating their fans like cow dung.

A Smart businessman understands that their customers are important to their business. A smart and good businessman would do everything to keep their customers. NHL owners should understand who pays the bills in the NHL. Without the fan, the NHL is nothing.

This fan is extremely upset that their are so many stupid people that run the NHL. From Gary Bettman (NHL) to Donald Fehr (NHLPA), these people make the NHL look like a laughing stock.

I'm mad because only a complete and utter moron would risk losing everything. In this contract disputer, the NHL has two sides who can't see clearly and an ownership group that is so idiotic that the league could be harmed forever.

Back to my original question. How could they let this happen? I have no idea. It defies logic, common sense and wisdom. NHL owners are void of all those qualities.

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  1. For the vast majority of NHL owners, hockey is just a sideline to their more profitable companies. Bell and Rogers will do just fine if there is no NHL. Mike Illitch will survive with his Pizza business and the Tigers, and on it goes.
    The teams that will hurt are the ones hurting now, and are relying on the profitable teams to keep them alive.
    When saner heads prevail, on both sides, the NHL will have a future.
    The owners don't want the employees getting a bigger piece of the pie than the employer.
    The NHLPA doesn't want to see the sad-sack franchises go under because of the loss in jobs that would mean to their members.
    Gary Bettman doesn't want to give up on teams like Florida, Columbus, etc. and transfer those teams to Quebec City or Hamilton, and the players union doesn't want to hear of contraction.
    Therein lies the biggest stumbling block to reaching an agreement.

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