Friday, September 21, 2012

Greg Norman Talks Tiger Trash....Again!

Greg Norman is at it again. The guy who likes to criticize Tiger Woods, opened his disgusting mouth and what came out was cow dung. Greg Norman said that Tiger is intimidated by Rory McIlRoy. Greg Norman is a jerk. He's a horrible man who gets his joy trying to ridicule Tiger Woods.

Signed Tiger Woods Photo - 2008 US Open" 16x20 Celebration Unframed UDA)First of all, Tiger isn't intimidated by anyone. Second of all, Greg Norman is one of the biggest choke artists in PGA history. The guy was supposed to be one of the best golfers of his era but choked away many major golf tournaments. It was comical how the guy would be in position to win a major and then he would self-destruct.

Looking back, it is fitting that he had such heartbreak. The guy has nothing better to do than to try and ridicule another golfer. What really annoys me is that I'm devoting web space to that sad human being. This article would have been well served to be written on a napkin and then thrown in the garbage.

Sure Norman won 2 tournaments but he should have won more. Instead of talking about Tiger, Norman should spend time rethinking all the missed opportunities he had of winning majors. Maybe he should take some shots at himself. He should call himself a The Minnow and not The Shark.

It's an insult to sharks to be named in the same breath as Greg "I choked away major tournaments" Norman. I feel sorry for sharks. Norman is void of common sense but has plenty of experience in the BS department. Maybe someday, Greg will figure out how to keep his idiotic thoughts to himself and only grace us with the smart comments.

Then again, Norman might not have any smart comments. Maybe that's why he has to resort to stirring up problems. Norman must be desperate for attention. Maybe that's why he thinks of outlandish ideas and then decides to share them with the world.

Mr. Norman seems to have as much luck in the marriage department as he has had in Golf. Norman is on wife number 3. Well, Greg, you're down to your last strike. I know this is a cheap shot on my part but you deserve it. You're obviously not very good at staying married.

Actually, Greg is more successful in marriage. He leads his major victories 3 marriages to 2 majors...OUCH!

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