Saturday, September 1, 2012

Face-Off - Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Sportmentary and the Comish were talking about the start of this year's NCAA Division I college football season. What started off as a general discussion turned into a question about college athletes and being paid to play college sports. The pair tried to answer this ongoing question often asked by college sports fans and the media.

College Sports
Should College Athletes Be Paid?

I'm Not Sure

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  1. Sportmentary is 100% right here. If you pay college football players then you need to pay every college athlete and that's a problem. Revenue from football goes to support all sports at the school that do not make money, baseball, softball, rowing, track & field even. The carrot on the end of the stick is the free education that costs a normal student thousands of dollars, if you want to make money then go get a job instead of playing college sports. Very, very few college athletes will have the talent to go pro but if they take that college education seriously they can make a great living after school and be set for life. The real issue is getting the Universitys to get these young athletes to realize the gift they have been handed.

    1. Thanks for your comment JB. I hope that the Comish is reading this and see's that I demolished him in our Face-Off :) Actually the Comish and I are happy to see you commenting on the site. Your comments are insightful and appreciated, even if you did support my arguments.

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