Saturday, September 1, 2012

Daily Honor Roll - September 1st, 2012

When a quarterback (QB) throws for 300 yards, we think that he had a great game. When he throws for 400 yards, it's a career game. What about when the QB throws for more than 700 yards? We think that's nearly impossible.

That's exactly what Sam Durley of Eureka College, an NCAA Division III school did tonight. Actually, the QB threw for 736 yards. He broke the NCAA record by 5 yards (Sports-Kings).

I don't care what level Durley plays in. The accomplishment is out of this world and deserving of being listed  in Sportmentary's Honor Roll.

Durley did almost the impossible. He threw for 700+ yards. You'd think that a player wouldn't have enough time in a game to throw for that many yards. It seems impossible. If this were a professional QB, he would probably have to take out his offensive line for steaks but in the NCAA, the powers to be might think that was offensive.

As far as Durley is concerned, his game was offensive. Incredibly offensive.

736 Yards Passing Performance
What do you think of Sam Durley's performance?

Not That Great

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