Monday, September 3, 2012

Are Replacement Officials Really That Bad?

I've written a number of articles about NFL replacement officials. The articles have focused on Roger Goodell and his lack of concern about the product (Officials) he's putting on the field. It's one thing to have replacement officials working the preseason but quite another to have them officiate a regular season game that is faster and harder to manage. This begs the following question; Are the replacement officials really that bad?

They're worse than bad. They're a joke. They're an ensnarement to the NFL. They are terrible. I could write an article detailing every botched call, decision and mistake made by the replacements but that would be an extremely long article. Let's just say that the replacements have made many mistakes. A lot of them have been in the bone-headed variety.

Let's also say that these guys shouldn't be allowed to officiate a regular season game. I believe that will undermine the NFL and may cause a team to lose a game. In the NFL, every game is important. Losing a game because of a poor call or a bunch of poor calls would be a travesty.

So how bad are the replacements? To answer that question, I want to focus on one situation that we find ourselves in. This was reported by Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk (NBC Sports). Smith reported that the NFL will start and official that hasn't officiated a game that has had 22 men on the field (11 per team). This man comes form 6 man football (6 per side).

Are you kidding me? Can the NFL be that dumb? They are putting an official on the field that ins't only unaccustomed to a faster game with stronger players but has officiated a game with only 12 men on the field. Roger Goodell is a donkey and that's insulting the poor donkey.

Mr. Goodell is looking like a dishonest grump, I done't believe that he is negotiating fairly with the NFLRA (National Football Referees Association) and he tells NFL fans and coaches that these guys are prepared. How can that be true. I believe that Goodell is being less than truthful. I believe that he's not only strong arming the referees but the fans as well.

I think that the NFL should allow fans to watch the games for free if they are going to put incompetent officials on the field. Goodell has a right to bully the NFLRA but has no right to charge fans for the poor officiating product that he's allowing to ref a game.

So how bad are the officials that will start week 1? If they're anything like the referee mentioned above they're most likely putrid. This will be an interesting week 1. If the officials mess up, I will have more ammunition for another story criticizing Roger "The Dodger" Goodell.

Replacement Officials
Do you agree with Roger Goodell allowing replacement officials to start week 1?

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  1. The replacements have had serious bouts of stage fright and it's only going to get worse with the regular season. I can't wait for the train wreck this week, must see TV. These guys are going to cost teams games and when your team misses the playoffs because of a poorly called game in week 1 of the season it will be a travesty. As far as I am concerned any games officiated by replacements should not count, Goodell can spout his BS all he wants but these games are going to be a joke.

  2. Thanks for your comment JB I agree with you.

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