Friday, September 28, 2012

A Useless Bunch of Idiots

Yes my friends, the NHL and NHLPA are made up of a useless bunch of idiots. Today both sides began 3 days of negotiations. Some might have thought that these jokers were anxious to put the lockout behind them but these same people don't understand what clowns we're dealing with. We're dealing with morons. is reporting that the NHL and  NHLPA did meet and discuss minor issues but the major issues at the center of this dispute weren't even on the agenda. I don't understand why these two sides are wasting their time. If they don't want to negotiate in good faith, they should stay home.

If they aren't willing to talk about the serious issues that divide them, they should take a trip top watch the KHL. Maybe these donkeys like staring at each other. Maybe they think it's funny to yank each others chain. Maybe they think this whole situation is a joke.

My take has been that both the NHL and the players aren't negotiating in good faith. Only idiots and incompetent people would allow the situation to have evolved into a state of nothingness. Only an idiot and an incompetent could take a successful 2011/12 season (The most successful in the NHL's history) and turn it upside down.

A smart person and a good business person would want to capitalize on their success. They wouldn't want to destroy their success. The success that the NHL found themselves in after the 2011/12 campaign was one that was very difficult not to capitalize on.

The players and the NHL thinks they could outsmart everyone including the fans, business people and  NHL experts. These morons think they can outsmart the world. They are idiots. All they are doing is destroying a league that has trouble competing with the other 3 major sports leagues.

So how does the NHL decide to compete after having a great year? They decide to lockout the players and cancel games. The players reacted to the same situation by taking a hard line approach to negotiating. These underachievers would rather play in Europe, in leagues like the KHL.

I think the idiotic players believe a deal will fall into their laps. I think they feel the owners will cave. Why would the owners cave? I don't think they care about the game of hockey. If these infant owners don't get their way, they won't mind destroying a league that many of us love.

These billionaire owners don't make their living off NHL revenues. This is just a hobby to these hacks. On the other hand, the players do make their living from hockey and I believe that many players don't have real skills to make it in the real world. Many of them have a basic education at best. So what will they do if the they destroy the league? Probably play in the KHL.

Not to players: You can't make as much as you are making in the NHL. The KHL can't pay you as much. So get your lazy rear end on the ice and earn a living.

Do you think I'm being too hard on these cry babies? Maybe but I think these jackasses deserve it. I think that both sides are acting like scumbags and I don't like scumbags. It's time for both sides to negotiate in good faith and agree on a new collective bargaining agreement.

In yesterday's NHL article, I mentioned that I won't display NHL banners on my site until this mess is resolved, even it it means earning less money. I believe in taking a stand and having principles. I'm mad that the NHL is thumbing their nose at their customers (the fans).

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