Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Miracle at MOF

Today, Vikings fans witnessed what many football experts and fans thought was impossible. The Vikings pulled off a miracle by embarrassing the San Francisco 49ers. The Vikings dominated the contest from beginning to end.

It was the Vikings who looked like the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The 49ers were outworked, outplayed and outclassed on Sunday afternoon. Sportmentary gave the Vikings less than a 1 % chance of winning the game. I guess I should eat crow right now. I got this one wrong.

I'm ecstatic. I can't believe that the Vikings had a heartbreaking loss to the Colts last week and then made the 49ers look like an NCAA football team. Maybe the Vikings are better than what we though entering this season.

The Vikings are now 2-1 and have some confidence. I hope that they can capitalize on this game and continue surprise us all for the remainder of the season. Through 3 games this year, one thing seems obvious. The Vikings will not be an easy win for any team this year.

While Peterson was quiet for most of the day, he came alive in the 4th quarter when he was needed. He showed us why he is such a great player and why he's so valuable to the Vikings. It's amazing what he's doing after the injury he sustained last year.

Christian Ponder also impressed me again. The kid showed some poise a number of times while under pressure, passing for big plays and running for a TD during a critical juncture in the game. The kid is progressing nicely and it's great to see.

There were only two groups of individuals that could have derailed the Vikings victory with a few minutes left in the game. They are:

1) The Replacement Officials. They were terrible and need to be educated on the rules. On Toby Gerhart's first fumble, it sure looked like Jim Harbaugh called a timeout, which would have been his final one. After the cheating coach, saw a replay that showed Gerhart had fumbled the ball, he convinced the officials to give back his timeout and allow him to throw his challenge flag.

That's against the rules. With no timeouts remaining, Harbaugh  shouldn't have been allowed the challenge. This debacle by the officials could have proved costly. It reinforces my belief that the clown officials should not be allowed on an NFL field. They need to be replaced by the real officials.

These NFL scabs are so bad that I want to peel them off the field.

2) Leslie Frazier and the Coaches. Game after game, the Vikings have trouble closing out the last few minutes with a lead. Today that was evident. Some stupid calls were sent in to Ponder when the team could have run at least a minute and a half off the clock.

The other troubling thing in this game is that Frazier seems confused and not ready to make big time decisions. After Gerhart fumbled a second time with a couple of minutes left, Frazier kept him in the game so he could fumble a third time. Frazier should have put Adrian Peterson in the game or told the offense to take a knee.

While I do have issues with Frazier, I'm happy with the outcome with the game and the fact that the Purple is  2-1.

Sportmentary's  Player of the Game: Christian Ponder


  1. The most popular league in the USA getting ruined by refs, I cannot believe that 2 months into the job and these guys are still bumbling through these games. This is completely unacceptable and fans need to boycott the games until the NFL delivers the premium product that the fans pay premium prices for.

  2. I agree with you JB. The NFL won't do anything until the fans speak with their wallets.

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