Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4 Best College Football Teams

Well, Fall is coming up fast, which also means it is time for football season- both professional and collegiate. This means, that for many men around the country, it is that time of the year in which you spend most of it sitting in a couch, staring at a television, with a beer in one hand, a TV remote in the other hand and a plate full of nachos on the table in front of them.

matt barkley Autographed 16x20 PhotoThat right there is pretty much what college football heaven looks like. Just a couple weeks ago, the official college football rankings came out, which document the projections for the best college football teams of the year. Of course, the rankings are meaningless, as they will change completely by the end of the season, as injuries, surprises and other things happen to a team that can either make a break a college football season.

Every team in the top four spots are the favorites to end the season as the champions of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA.) Also, every team in the top four spots are well known college football powerhouses, and do not come as that much of a surprise- especially when seeing how everything panned out last season. Here is a breakdown of the top four college football teams as of now:

NCAA Football Team #1. USC (the University of Southern California)
That is right, USC is the top college football team of the year...again! This is very familiar territory for the powerhouse known as the USC Trojans, which means you can expect them to hold onto that #1 spot with their dear lives. It will be tough for any team to take away that spot. Especially with returning quarterback Matt Barkley, who is a Heisman Trophy favorite and is also expected to be the top pick in the National Football League (NFL) whenever he decides to leave school and move onto the pros. The early schedule looks pretty easy and simple for USC, with the first challenge probably coming from #21 ranked Stanford in week 3 of the season. Other than that, they will have to eventually clash with ##5 Oregon.

#2. Alabama
Another no brainer here. The Crimson Tide have always been in the national championship discussion, and this looks like it could be their year. They have Trent Richardson at running back, who is probably the best hard runner in the country.

#3. LSU
This powerhouse has one of the toughest schedules among the top 4 teams, by playing four top-seeded teams this season.

#4. Oklahoma
The Sooners are eying another shot at the national championship. Just another trophy to put on the mantle with the rest of them. It will be a very tough road for them.

Bobby is a freelance writer for a variety of online and print publications. He is a college football fanatic and bleeds blue and gold (UCLA.) You can click here to read more of his work.

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