Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 NFL Picks

It's that time of year where prognosticators choose who they believe are the best teams heading into the season. Sportmentary isn't any different, except for not being a professional prognosticator. This is Sportmentary's attempt to try and predict which teams will wow us. Below, you will find our division, conference and Super Bowl picks.

I'm sure you have your opinions. Please use the comment link at the bottom of the article to provide your thoughts.

NFC East Division Champion
Philadelphia Eagles - The key to the Eagles success will be a healthy Michael Vick. Vick is injury prone and that's understatement. That's what makes this pick risky. If Vick stays healthy, I believe that the Eagles have the best team and the best chance of winning the division.

What about the Giants? I think the Giants will have the typical Super Bowl hangover.

NFC North Champion
Green Bay Packers - This a no brainer in my mind. The Packers have basically the same team as last year, with a few improvements sprinkled in. I think Rogers will have the same year as last year. The only difference is that he won't have a playoff letdown.

I don't think that there's a team in the NFC North that matches up to the Packers.

NFC South Champion
Atlanta Falcons - For me the wild card is Matt Ryan. We know what Ryan is capable of in the regular season. It's the playoffs that are another thing. I believe that Ryan will have a break out year and will lead the Falcons to the division title.

This probably isn't a popular pick. The Saints might be the safe pick but with all the drama in Saints land this preseason, I think it will weigh on the team. Still look for the Saints to be a wild card team.

NFC West Champion
San Francisco 49ers - The 49ers were so close to making the Super Bowl last year. They had a great team last year. Well, they had a great defense. I don't think that will change. The 49ers should win the division easily.

AFC East Champion
New England Patriots - I don't think that the Patriots have any competition in the AFC East. I think that the Patriots are angry how the Super Bowl ended and will want to prove that they have what tit takes to return to the big dance.

AFC North Champion
Baltimore Ravens - I believe it will come down to the Ravens and Steelers again. I think that the Ravens are the best team in the AFC North. I think the Steelers offense will hurt the team this year.

AFC South Champion
Houston Texans - Like the East, I don't think that the Texans have any competition in the division. Last year was the Texans first playoff appearance and it was without their star QB, Matt Schaub. If Schaub stays healthy, other teams in the AFC, better watch out.

AFC West Champion
Denver Broncos - Peyton Manning will be the difference. Last year the Broncos had a good defense, an opportunistic defense. They also had Tebow. This year the Broncos have Manning and he will take the Broncos where Tebow couldn't. That is a consistent and good offensive game.

NFC Champion
San Francisco 49ers

AFC Champion
New England Patriots

Super Bowl Champion
New England Patriots


  1. NFC East: Dallas Cowboys, it's their time. Giants get a wild card and Eagles can't win in such a tough division because Vick won't play 16 games.
    NFC Central: Chicago Bears, tough D and improved O. Detroit gets the other wild card. the Packers go 0-16, eat a turd sandwich Packer fans.
    NFC South: Falcons, so many targets for Matt Ryan, they don't need a defense. New Orleans my struggle a bit with all the suspensions but you can never count out Drew Brees.
    NFC West: San Francisco, easy choice, best team in the NFC.
    AFC East: New England, this is a really weak division this year.
    AFC North: Baltimore Ravens, best tea, in the AFC this year in a tough division. The Bengals continue to improve and get a wild card spot.
    AFC South: Houston, this may be the second weakest division behind the NFC west.
    AFC West: San Diego Chargers, they learn from last years debacle and Rivers carries them. Denver Broncos pick up the other AFC wild card on the shoulders of Manning and the confidence he brings.

    The Superbowl is the Harbaugh showdown: 49ers vs. Ravens, with the Niners winning.

    The NFL is so competitive that it almost comes down to which teams can keep their best players on the field for 16 games, lets play football!

  2. Good picks JB. We'll see how they pan out. The best pick is the GB pick. Love the commentary...LOL


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