Wednesday, August 8, 2012

USA Soccer Team Have Big Mouths

A couple days after being robbed by an incompetent referee, Team Canada's soccer team was accused of playing dirty by the big mouth USA Women's soccer team. All I can say is that Team USA plays dirty as well. They play a physical game and hold during set pieces. They play like thugs and they should shut their big pie holes. They play a cheap and dirty brand of soccer.

Team USA always gets the calls and gets away with cheap play. I'm not sure why? Is it good for ratings to have team USA in the finals of every event? Is it good for NBC? I don't know the answer. What I do know after watching the match between USA and Canada is that both teams were playing hard. Both teams were being physical and both teams had hand balls in the penalty area. What I also know is that it was only team Canada that had a penalty kick against it.

I also know that this is GREAT for NBC's ratings. I also know that Canada was robbed by a bad referee. Was she really that bad? Did someone get to her? Was the fix in? I will continue to write like this until the thug USA soccer team shuts their big mouths. You see any one can make dumb accusations or have conspiracy theories. The USA's claim is a bunch of nonsense as well.

USA got the calls with 10 minutes to play and when they needed them most. Why? Even Team USA's coach said that she had never seen a delay of game call before. So we know that at the very least the Norwegian referee was an idiot and incompetent referee. Was there something else going on here?

What would NBC have done without the great USA/Japan rematch? Their ratings wouldn't have been so good. I watch NBC every day and they are acting like kids in a candy store with this gold medal match. Is that coincidence? Was there fair play? Was there something sinister happening here?

I don't know the answer but until the obnoxious USA soccer team shuts their yaps, I will do my part to defend a Canada's soccer team that deserved far better. Team USA's soccer team are a cocky and obnoxious bunch of brats. You see it in every game.

I'm embarrassed for our American team. They should represent USA in a better way. This is indicative of a team that will win at any costs and open their big mouths and spew a bunch of horse manure. I'm disgusted with these hacks. Our ladies must grow up and act in a decent manner and not be bunch of thug artists!

Team Canada deserved better. They were robbed and it sure was a suspect ending. Even with these events unfolding, Team Canada had a chance to try for a score when they saw a USA player down in her area. Instead of being cut throat and winning at all costs, they kicked the ball out of bounds to allow the US player to get medical attention.

Canada should have done what the cheap artists would have done. They should have tried for the score and played USA's win at all costs brand of soccer.

One more question. Will FIFA investigate the USA for their baseless claims that Canada crossed the line and played dirty? Wouldn't that be fair? It would be but there's nothing honorable or decent about FIFA. So I doubt they will be fair here.

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