Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Olympics Can Do Away With the Opening & Closing Ceremonies

As far as I'm concerned, the Olympics can do away with the opening and closing ceremonies. At the very least, they could shorten the opening ceremonies and get right to the competition. I'm a sports guy and the pomp and circumstance doesn't capture my attention. It bores me.

I'll admit that from time to time, like the opening ceremonies at the Vancouver games, I did watch some of it and they were done well. I really don't enjoy the parade of countries. It takes too long and bores the heck out of me.

As I said earlier, I wish they went right to competition. I believe the Olympics are about the sports and not a Hollywood type of show. Then again I guess I'm in the minority. My parents think I'm crazy. They love the opening and closing ceremonies. Then again they don't like sports so much.

I should ask my readers to comment about this (comment link appears at the bottom of this page). Let Sportmentary know if:
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3) You think I'm nuts :)

Seriously. I really don't like these ceremonies. I don't watch them. I do watch the different events at the games. This year I had the opportunity of watching handball, a crazy game but an exciting one as well. I couldn't really make out the rules but I know that a player needs to throw the ball into he opposing goal to score a goal/point.

I also watched archery and it was more exciting than I thought. For me, the best competition was the Women's Soccer Tournament. The women put on quite a show. I think all in all the 2012 Olympics were about the women. We do know that without the women, the USA would have had far fewer medals.

It's great to see that female athletes have come along way and are receiving the respect they deserve. Watching the sports and watching human interest stories unfold in real time, in front of my eyes, as the competition takes place is what I tune in for.

Tuning into an opening ceremony or closing one is just glitz and glamour. Maybe it was the Beijing games that made me feel the way I do. If I remember correctly there was a beautiful girl singing and we found out after it wasn't her voice. Apparently the real singer with the golden voice wasn't attractive enough for the Beijing organizers to put on live TV.

That did it for me. That disgusting moment turned me off any opening or closing ceremony. Everything seemed fake about the opening and closing ceremonies in Beijing.

So you might be asking me, why did you tune into the Vancouver ones. I grew up in Canada. Something told me that those ceremonies would be classy and reflect what Canada is all about. The Vancouver organizers didn't disappoint me. they showed the world and the rest of Canada who we are and I was extremely proud of that.

In closing, maybe I should restate my position. Maybe the opening and closing ceremonies mean more to you when it's your country that's putting them on. I'm being truthful when I say that the only opening and closing ceremonies that I've watched in their entirety, were at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

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