Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Luongo Sweepstakes

The Roberto Luongo Sweepstakes are still alive. After not hearing anything for a few weeks, news has surfaced that 2 teams are at the top of the list for a Luongo trade. The teams are the Florida Panthers and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Roberto Luongo Signed Photo - 8x10Luongo apparently favors the Panthers. The problem with any trade seems to be the asking price that the Vancouver Canucks are asking. I don't blame the Canucks. Luongo is one of the highest rated goalies and if a team wants him, they should pay a high price for the playoff loser.

The Canucks might not be in a hurry. A lockout is looming and they seem to have a very competent and capable goalie in Corey Schneider. I actually think that Schneider provides the Canucks with a good chance of going far in the playoffs. They will be well rid of Luonog, his playoff collapses in the playoffs and the baggage that he brings to the team.

I don't like the Maple Leafs or the Panthers. So I'm fine with Roberto Luoser going to either team. If he goes the Maple Leafs, the team will certainly give credit to being called the Laughs. Toronto is a joke, so Luongo is a good fit for the team.

As you can tell, I'm not a big fan of the Luongo. I might even become a Canucks fan once he's officially off the team. I think he's a good regular season goalie and will provide a team with a better chance of making the playoffs. I just don't think he's a playoff winner.

If he joins the Panthers, we will be able to call the team the pussycats. I think in the playoffs the Panthers roar will become a kitten's meow. I know I'm being very critical of Luongo but I really think he had his chances to win a cup for Vancouver and their fans and blew it.

While the Luonog sweepstakes might be heating up again, the good news will be when I hear he's finally out of Vancouver. The team will be able to focus on winning and hopefully making a breakthrough in the Stanley Cup Finals. Schneider is the guy I think will be able to make that breakthrough.

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