Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Showcasing Target Field

Finally there is good news for Minnesota sports fans and it doesn't involve making the playoffs. It involves showcasing Target Field, which is arguably the best ballpark in America to watch a professional baseball game. Target Field is Minnesota's field of dreams but very few dreams have been realized since their inaugural season. Since that season the Twins have been putrid and an embarrassment on the field.

Twins - Target Field 10So who will Target Field be showcased to? According to SI.com, the Minnesota Twins will be awarded the 2014 All-Star game to be played at Target Field. America, Canada and every country where the game will be televised, will see what Minnesotans see. They will see Target Field is a great ballpark.

Actually, it might be hard for TV viewers to fully appreciate how great a ballpark Target Field is. You have to witness the park for yourself. It's was awesome to see a game during the team's first season at the park, when they were competitive and winning at home. Now that the team stinks, the baseball park is such a fan friendly palce that watching a game there is still a delight.

If you're a baseball fan and love the sights, smells and greatness of the game, you would love to see a game in Minnesota's premiere sports facility. There isn't bad seat in the park. That makes watching the game a great experience. All I can say is that it's a beautiful stadium.

If you have the chance of visiting Minneapolis and taking in a Twins game, make sure to take a stroll around the park. You won't be disappointed. Go early to the park and experience what I and other Minnesotans have. You will witness a true American sports facility. You will have an experience of a lifetime.

If you're lucky, you will also witness great fans and how friendly they are. It's not uncommon to converse with your fellow fans at the the park, That's just the Minnesotan way.

The news I learned has put a great smile on my face. I can't wait until the 2014 All-Star game. It might be the best sports experience in this state in years.

Target Field
Have You Been to Target Field for a Twins Game?

I Plan to Attend Soon

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