Monday, August 20, 2012

Prediction: New York Giants Will Miss the Playoffs

Winning back to back Super Bowls is nearly impossible these days. It takes discipline, a continued work ethic, staying out of the public eye (Negatively) and luck. With teams gunning for the New York Giants, the team will have a tough time making the playoffs this year, let alone winning another Super Bowl.

Sportmentary predicts that the Giants will miss the playoffs and will finish the season at 8-8. Why am I making that prediction? Primarily due to the fact that the Giants aren't flying under the radar. They are bringing unnecessary attention to themselves and the attention is negative

The big deal at Giants camp right now is a viral video that was posted by Giants punter Steve Weatherford. The video shows Jason Pierre-Paul dumping 2nd year player Prince Amukamara in tub of ice, head first. The prank was apparently part of a hazing ritual for rookies, even though Amukamara isn't a rookie anymore.

Throwing a player into a tub of ice, shows me that Pierre-Paul is a moron and jackass. Yes, hazing occurs on every team. I'm not one of those guys that thinks that pointless and dangerous pranks taking place on NFL teams is acceptable. I don't think it's bravado. It's infantile and idiotic.

What made the video even worse was that punter Weatherford posted the video and it went viral. Now Coughlin and the Giants have to deal with this stupid incident. It's distracting and takes the team away from its goal of preparing for the 2012 NFL season.

The incident, one that Amukamara is apparently upset about is one that can fracture a locker room. As Stephen A. Smith asks, where were the veterans to step in and stop this incident?

A football team that has its house in order and really wants to compete would be more careful about leaking events like this and allowing this dangerous activity to occur. I think the NFL should ban players that take part in hazing rituals.

Around the country, laws are being enacted to prevent dangerous hazing events on high school campuses. Why are they doing this? Because athletes have been seriously injured and even killed. Throwing a player head first into a tub of ice could cause serious injuries.

The point of my rant is that the Giants seem out of control. They also seem to have an attitude, a belief and a bravado that they will repeat as champions. Repeating as champions takes a good work ethic, teamwork and a good attitude. It also takes a resolve not to do anything stupid that will meet the scrutiny of the media and the public.

As mentioned above, teams will be gunning for the Giants. Any distraction, even a small one can derail the ship. Bottom line, the Giants will miss the playoffs this seas.

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