Friday, August 24, 2012

Owens Still Terribly Obnoxious

Reports are surfacing that Terrell "Terribly Obnoxious" Owens will soon be released by the Seattle Seahawks. This should come as no surprise to anyone who's followed the obnoxious Owens. The guy has some major issues to work through. He seems to be the same guy who feels he's entitled to recognition he hasn't earned.

The issues that the Seahawks seem to have had with Owens aren't only his poor play but his attitude. It seems as if the same old Owens showed up to training camp. Reportedly Owens has a major attitude problem and was argumentative.

Whie I'm not surprised that blew his opportunity in Seattle, I am a little shocked his time in Seattle was so brief. After being unceremoniously dropped by the Allen Wanglers (an arena football team he was part owner of the team) for having an attitude problems, Owens was begging teams to take a chance on him.

Owens claimed he was in great shape and also claimed that he had a good attitude. He led people to believe that he would be a good team player and that he wouldn't be a distraction to Seattle. Seattle bought into his verbal diarrhea and took a chance on him.

The Seahawks didn't take that big a gamble. They really had nothing to lose. If Owens still had the skills to play wide receiver in the NFL and his attitude was good, the team would benefit big time. If Owens was still the same egotistical numb nut, they could just drop him and not be any worse for for it. That's what they will be doing.

I would have to believe that Owens is done. His bad behavior with the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys is well documented. I have to believe that NFL teams realize that Owens is a cancer to any team and not worth the trouble or investment, no matter how small that is.

Even if Owensreceives another shot, he will not last long. It's obvious he doesn't have the skills anymore and it looks like he doesn't have the drive either. What he does have is the same old ego and poor attitude.

Owens will go down as one the biggest losers in NFL history. This guy couln't seize the moment. He had a golden opportunity to prove everyone wrong and rejuvenate his career. He blew it. He threw away that opportunity.

What Owens did is disrespect the NFL and more importantly the Seattle Seahawks. He should be ashamed of himself. He disrespected an organization that took a chance on him and gave him one last chance.

Owens is still terribly obnoxious. He's a punk and a disgrace to the NFL. I hope his days in the NFL are over. I hope other NFL teams aren't dumb enough to give Owens another chance.

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