Saturday, August 4, 2012

Not So Dreamy

Video source: You Tube, courtesy of ESPN
On Saturday the USA Men's Basketball Team wasn't so dreamy. After a record setting affair with Nigeria, the men seemed to let that victory go to their heads as they narrowly defeated Lithuania 99-94. No matter how good some people believe Lithuania is, team USA embarrassed themselves today.

Team USA now has their fans worried. If they could escape with only a 5 point defeat in today's game, how will they do when they face Argentina? Argentina must be licking their chops. I think the men should be winning every game by at least 20 points.

The one thing we knew about the dream team was that we felt comfortable that they would win by a big margin of victory when ever they took the court. With these selfish and me, me type players, we don't have that feeling. I think most of us breathe a collective sigh of relief, when these guys win.

I know I'm being harsh and the team is bound to face some competition in these games but if the team doesn't go into each game focused and determined to win from he get go, they might not be able to pull out a victory at the end of a close game.

I'm hard on this team because some players, namely Kobe Bryant told the nation that his team could beat the dream team. Kobe, your team wasn't so dreamy today. After today's game, I really have my doubts that you could beat the 1992 dream team.

Those guys were determined to make history. They had players who accepted their roles and who knew their nation was expecting great things from them. They not only accepted their roles but they delivered convincingly every game.

With this version of a so called dream team, I'm nervous when these guys take the court. Which team will show up? Will it be the team that destroyed Nigeria or will it be the team that barely defeated Lithuania? The problem is that I just don't know and that worries me.

Every team, especially Spain is gunning for Team USA. Spain could actually give us the toughest battle and if our boys show up with a we can't be beat attitude or an attitude that they can pour it on when they want to, they will have a hard time winning the gold medal.

Does that mean I don't think they will end up with the gold medal around their necks? Not at all. I still feel that they will win. I would just like to feel less nervous that they might screw up some time.

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