Monday, August 6, 2012

NFL Takes a Step in the Right Direction

I wrote a post recently criticizing the NFL for not resolving its labor dispute with NFL referees. With that said, the NFL took a step in the right direction by announcing that a female referee by the name of Shannon Eastin will be part of the replacement officiating crew for Thursday night's preseason game.

It's about time that the NFL started including female officials. It has been reported in the past that close to 50% of NFL fans are woman. Like any business, isn't it good business acumen to make your customers feel that they are appreciated and not marginalized?

I would even go so far to say that if there was a female player who was capable of playing in the NFL, she should be given a chance. I realize that all professional sports are dominated by men. I do also feel that male professional sports athletes have a different athletic and physical make-up than their female counterparts.

Maybe it's a hypothetical but if a female athlete was in the same shape athletically to be able to compete in the NFL, they should be able to do so. As a father of 2 girls, I will raise them to believe that they can achieve professional success in any profession they choose.

How will I ever be able to tell them that they shouldn't dream of being a professional athlete in any North American sport, just because they are female. That would go against everything that I will teach them and everything that I believe.

I want to raise my daughters to believe that they can not only compete with their male counterparts but they can excel and dominate their profession. As a parent, I wouldn't be doing my children any favors to believe that they should step down to anyone, including men.

So, I need to extend my moral beliefs in this regard to the NFL, especially when it comes to referees. I don't think anyone can argue that females can't athletically compete with their male counterparts. There is nothing that a male referee brings to the table physically that a female referee couldn't.

The only difference is in their physiological make-up and I don't think that is a relevant reason to disqualify a woman form officiating an NFL game.

Obviously the NFL feels the same way. Hopefully when they resolve their differences with NFL referees, they will take a serious step int he right direction by training women to be regular NFL officials.

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