Sunday, August 5, 2012

Murray Destroys Federer

Andy Murray became a British hero at Wimbledon on Sunday by destroying tennis great and world #1, Roger Federer in the Olympic Singles Final. It's always hard to beat an opponent in consecutive matches but Federer wasn't even close.

Murray is often criticized for not being able to win a championship match. He failed on his first attempt a few weeks ago in the Wimbledon Finals against Federer. I personally never liked the criticism. You can't blame Murray for losing to the greatest tennis player of all time.

Today, Murray took his place amongst the top tennis players in the world and didn't leave anything to chance. From the opening game, you could sense that this was Andy's match and that Federer would have his hands full.

Federer didn't even compete today. Murray was in control. I hope the media compliments Murray as much as they have criticized him in the past. The British have butchered Murray time and time again. They have been relentless in their attack of the British player.

I've found most of this criticism ridiculous and infantile. As I said above, how can you criticize a guy for losing to the greatest tennis play of all time. In his other losses, he's faced the top players in the world. The British press needs to praise Murray for days to come, to make up for the trash they've printed on their rags in the past.

I think this victory by Murray, with the weight of the nation on his back and the relentless British tabloid media hounding him day after day, shows how great this victory was. This shows that Murray can win under pressure.

Murray has faced some of the greatest pressure of any athlete in the past couple of months. It wasn't good enough for the British tabloids that he made it to the finals of Wimbledon. Will this victory be enough for the vultures to leave him alone and give him the praise that is due to him.

If they don't, it will prove what the best use of for those British newspaper rags should be. I can't write it in this post but use your imagination. In fact I will provide you with a clue. The British rags could probably do as good a job as toilet paper.

Toilet paper actually has better consistency than those rags. Congratulations to Murray for withstanding the barrage of criticism and pressure. Congratulations to Murray for winning the gold medal.

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