Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mixed Martial Arts at New York Jots Practice?

Video source: You Tube, courtesy of ESPN
I know that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has become very popular in recent years but I never thought it was so popular among New York Jets players that they would try to mimic their MMA idols during practice. In recent days the media has reported a number of fights breaking out at New York Jets practices. In one case this week, it was an all out brawl.

I'm sure that New York Jets fans would like to see the Jets doing the fighting on the field of play in the form of winning games. This football fan thinks it's comedic. Rex Ryan lost control of his locker room  last year and  it doesn't seem like he's regained it.

Rex Ryan is a guy who liked to have favorites last year, playing one player off another and allowing for a locker room that was in disarray. Last year players openly criticized each other in the media and the locker room. It was a me first environment fueled by the hothead head coach.

I don't believe that you can snap your fingers and will that type of environment away. A good team environment where players are dedicated to the common good of the team, takes a few years to build. In many cases, you have to cleanse your team of the trouble makers.

Ryan hasn't done that. From an outsider it still seems like selfish players rule the day for the Jets. Ryan started the pre-season with a band aid approach by incorporating Tim Tebow into special teams and a wildcat goal line offensive scheme.

This is just more smoke and mirrors from Ryan. It's masking the real issue. The New York Jets are void of true leadership on the team. Instead of having leaders who rain in wild and selfish players, the New York Jets are fueled by selfish players who are quick to fight each other and to criticize fellow teammates.

Fighting at practice isn't rare at NFL training camps. While it usually isn't indicative of what's to come during the regular season for most teams, the Jets have a history of chaos in the locker room and players who are quick to jump on fellow teammates when things go wrong.

I believe that Rex Ryan would have better served his team by working on the attitude of his team and removing idiot players than working on circus plays and a circus offense. You know you have a problem when players are acting more like MMA participants than NFL players.

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