Saturday, August 18, 2012

Minnesota Vikings Fans Act Like Buffoons

Minnesota Vikings fans embarrassed Minnesota during yesterday's preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. They acted like buffoons. They acted like inbreeds. During the second half of the game, fans started the wave. If that wasn't ridiculous enough, they started throwing everything they could get their hands on. The PA announcer had to warn the crowd to stop throwing stuff.

First of all, who does the wave in the preseason, let alone a the second game of the preseason? That's embarrassing enough and shows the fans lack of knowledge about what the preseason is all about. Green Bay Packers fans must be laughing. At least Packers fans know about cheering. They are winners and know it would be beneath them to do the wave in a meaningless game. They will wait for the playoffs and Super Bowl, something Vikings fans aren't used to seeing with their team.

If it weren't bad enough to be a dolt and do the wave in this game, they then acted like animals, throwing things. Are Vikings fans a bunch of out of control alcoholics? Seriously. What would prompt a bunch of classless clowns to do this? My only answer is that these buffoons did so much drinking that they acted like morons.

We shouldn't be surprised that fans get out of control at football games by drinking themselves into oblivion. We should be surprised that it started before the regular season. These drunks are so desperate for their next beer that they put themselves and other fans in a dangerous position.

Sometimes it would be nice if alcohol wasn't served at sporting events. I know that wouldn't be fair to fans who are responsible drinkers and it wouldn't be fair to the team that relies on the revenue from beer sales. It's just that a bunch of buffoons can't hold their alcohol and don't know when enough is enough.

With fans like the Vikings had on Friday, they're better off without them. Those fans were a joke and a disgrace to my state. They were a bunch of idiotic clowns. They were a joke. They need to enter rehab. They have such  a bad drinking problem that they can't prevent themselves from acting like buffoons.

I have one last question. How many fans were ejected form the game and will they be forced to take the NFL's new course for ejected fans before being allowed back to a Vikings game?

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