Friday, August 3, 2012

Michael Phelps Showed Fellow Athletes How to Shut the Media Up

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On Friday, Michael Phelps showed his fellow athletes how they can shut the media up. That's by winning gold medals. Early in the Olympic games in London, Phelps endured criticism as the media was shocked he didn't even medal in his first event. That was a loss to fellow American Ryan Lochte, who proclaimed that this was his Olympics.

Michael Phelps 11x17 HD Photo Poster Olympic SwimmerSorry Ryan. This is another Phelps Olympics. It's his games. He has won 5 medals, three of them gold. Friday Phelps won the 100 meter butterfly to win gold and his 21st medal. He has shattered the career Olympic medal record that stood at 18 when he entered these games.

With these victories, the media has backed off. In fact they can't seem to get enough of Phelps and his stash of medals in these games. The way Phelps made sure that the media would stop with the negativity is that he won some gold medals.

It must have set in for Lochte that he once again has to take a back seat to the greatest Olympian ever. Lochte started off with steam but Phelps and his fire became too hot, leaving Lochte to wonder what he had to do to claim these games as his.

Mr. Lochte, there is absolutely nothing you could have done. You've done a great job, already winning 5 medals yourself, 2 them gold. Phelps is the greatest and everyone should have known that Phelps would ensure that he would leave the Olympics as the star.

The achievements of Phelps in these games is astonishing. Why? Phelps started his training for these games 8 to 9 months behind his opponents. For a mortal, it would have been nearly impossible to catch up to the field. If your name is Phelps, it is expected that you wouldn't only catch up to it but you would dominate the field.

Spectators at the Olympics have been blessed to witness the history that Phelps is creating every time he entered the pool. He's such an exciting swimmer and even when drama surrounds him, he seems to relish in it and find a way to be successful.

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