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Like Greedy Pigs Who Overeat, The NHL & NHLPA's Greed Could Make Them Implode

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You know how it goes? Pigs on farms are greedy by nature. Farmers feed them and feed them until they're ready to be slaughtered. So, Pigs eat themselves to death so to speak. I use this analogy because the greed of the NHL and NHLPA is so bad that it could cause the NHL to implode.

When the two sides implode, there will be no turning back. Both sides will have destroyed the most promising time in NHL history. You could even say it's like a Shakespearean tragedy. I would say that but I have no sympathy for Gary Bettmna who is the NHL's commissioner and Donald Fehr who is Executive Director of the NHLPA.

I've written a number of articles about the importance of the NHL and its players to capitalize on the greatest season in NHL history as far as fan involvement is concerned. The NHL finally had its breakout year. What does a great player do when they have a breakout year? They capitalize on it and have many more good years.

What does a good business with growth potential do when it has a banner year? It tries to capitalize on that year by continuing to grow. The NHL & NHLPA are destroying themselves. They don't seem to have an understanding of economics and finance.

Their greed has consumed them. They aren't doing what's best for the league and their fans. They want to get the upper hand on the other side at all costs. A few weeks ago the league presented the players with their initial proposal. When I read the main points, I though the proposal was so ridiculous (Players would never and could never accept it) that the NHL was saying "I'll go high. You'll go low". That's what I thought.

Then the players submitted their proposal. The players were pre-selling their proposal by stating they were willing to take less. When I heard that the players were presenting their view and take of the NHL and its economics, I though, uh oh.

I was right. The NHL has stated that the proposal by the players has created a situation where both sides were so far apart and that the NHL had a completely different view of the economics of the league. The Vancouver Sun reported today that both sides aren't set to meet until the middle of next week and they're not even sure where to start the discussions.

With an NHL imposed September 15hth deadline for a new CBA to be in place to avoid a lockout of the players, the situation has gone from worrisome to dire. Both sides seem to have dug their skates into the ice and are coasting towards a lockout. There doesn't seem to be any urgency to get a deal agreed upon by September 15th.

I worry that once a lockout is in place, both sides will dig in even further and won't feel the urgency to get a deal done. It's quite possible that a good part of the season will be lost if that happens. If that's the case, the NHL's opportunity to capitalize on a great year will go poof!

As a hockey fan, I'm incredibly frustrated. From a selfish perspective, I can't wait to see more games. The playoffs excited me so much that I want more. As a hockey fan, who will always remain loyal to the sport (I'm Canadian), I'm frustrated that both the NHL and NHLPA are acting like children.

They're acting like children who can't get along on the playground and need a pre-school teacher to set things straight. The problem here is that there doesn't seem to be any logical or level headed people to mediate the situation.

With Donald "Duck" Fehr and Gary "I'm Gambling on the League's Future" Bettman, I have no Faith that these clowns will get a deal done soon. These guys are morons. They seem to have lots of space between their ears. Too bad their isn't anything of substance there.

I know I'm being harsh but Donald Fehr was head of the MLBPA when Major League Baseball had a work stoppage. Now he's head of the NHLPA. Gary Bettman was commissioner during the last NHL work stoppage. Both these guys seem to salivate at a chance of having a work stoppage. Do they take the fans into consideration? Of course not. They don't care if they're ruining the league.

Both sides are so selfish and close minded that they can't even see that their ship is about to sink. They're in for a fight and have tunnel vision. The iceberg that is approaching is not in their sites. That's really too bad. Like greedy pigs, if both sides are not careful, they will cause the NHL to implode.

NHL Labor (Labour) Talks
Do You Think the NHL & NHLPA Will Reach a Deal Before the September 15th Deadline?

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