Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Is Tarvaris Jackson Being Jerked Around by Pete Carroll?

Tarvaris Jackson is apparently the third string quarterback in Seattle and will not be receiving any playing time in the team's next pre-season game. It looks like Jackson might be close to being shipped out of town. It won't be done as ceremoniously as when the QB was dumped by the Minnesota Vikings a couple of years ago.

Tarvaris is getting upset with his new role with the team or should I say, a no or reduced role. When Jackson came to Seattle he was being touted by Carroll as a talented QB. Carroll even went as far as to say that Jackson was jerked around by the Vikings.

Anyone who followed Jackson in Minnesota, knew he lacked the talent to be a starter. To his detriment, Brad Childress did his best to give Jackson playing time. Each time, Jackson failed. Eventually the fans got frustrated with an experiment gone bad and Jackson's days in Minnesota ended.

Pete Carroll hasn't given Jackson as much time to be groomed as the Vikings. This year the team picked up former Green Bay Packer, Matt Flynn in free agency. It became obvious that Carroll was looking to replace Jackson and move in a different direction.

Is Pete Carroll jerking around Tarvaris Jackson? The answer is yes. Carroll led everyone to believe that he could groom Jackson. He led everyone to believe that with a little patience from the team, Jackson could be a successful starting QB.

Pete Carroll has changed his tune and doesn't seem willing to continue the Jackson experiment. Maybe it's because he really wants to win and they can't with Tarvaris. Maybe it's because Carroll is a jerk. He's got an ego the size of Mount Everest and is as big a jerk as his ego.

In normal circumstances I would say that reducing Jackson's role is the right thing to do. When it comes to Pete Carroll, I want to see results with the Jackson project. He was quick to shoot off his mouth like an idiot, making unsubstantiated claims against the Vikings.

Now Carroll has jerked around Tarvaris. While Tarvaris needs to take ownership of his actions and lack of skills and not play a blame game, he has the right to be upset with Carroll. When it suited the big mouthed clown of a coach, he was touting Jackson as a talented starter.

Carroll was trying to make everyone who would listen believe that Jackson would flourish under his system. That's the same thing Childress thought. Like Childress, Carroll fell flat on his face in regard to the Tarvaris Jackson project.

Jackson's starting QB days are in limbo and in reality it's what should be happening. Pete Carroll should have used his brain and tried to act like a decent and moral human being and realized that Jackson was a terrible starting QB. He should have realized that Jackson lacked the skills to be a starter.

Instead, Pete Carrol did what most coaches shy away from. He badmouthed and made unsubstantiated claims against the another NFL team (Minnesota Vikings). Now Carroll looks like a moron, a clown and a jackass. I think many people think that Carroll has been those things for a long time.

If Carroll had been a decent man, he would have taken a wait and see approach with his Jackson project before he badmouthed an NFL team. Now he's looking like he has jerked Tarvaris Jackson around. He gave the QB false hope and now is dumping Jackson on his rear. That to me is jerking someone around.

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