Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Stupid Can Melky Be?

Melky Cabrera has been suspended for 50 games for violating MLBs drug policy. He tested positive for testosterone. Cabrera was an all-star this year and was having a career year. Now we know why? The guy was cheating his way to success.

It amazes me how some baseball players are so stupid. I mean, how stupid could he be. He had to know that Major League Baseball randomly tests its players. The moron should have also known that being caught would result in a 50 game ban (for the first offense).

Someone forgot to send this idiot the memo. Someone forgot to tell this guy that due to the steroids era and the embarrassment it has caused MLB for doing nothing during that time, they are on the lookout for cheats and dishonest baseball players.

Cabrera will be questioned the rest of his career. If he does well, fans will think he's cheating. Was it worth it? Hell no. Everything he worked for or cheated for has blown up in this clown's face. He will always be known as a cheat.

Now fans will question if he even deserved to be an all-star. This fan says no. Why should a cheat be recognized? They should be humiliated. A 50 game ban will mean that this cheater will have sit out the remained of this year (45 games remaining) and the start of next season.

With his team in a first place tie and the playoffs looking like a real possibility, this buffoon has destroyed his chance at post-season play. He might have also ruined his team's chances at post-season play. If this donkey has a clause in his contract dealing with drug use, the Giants should exercise it and dump him

They need to send a message that they won't tolerate cheating. Their policy should be, if you're caught cheating, you're done. Stick a fork in this cheater.

The fans need to get on his case. They also need to send a message that they're angry that Cabrera has put his team in this situation. He took the selfish and cheating way out, to try and gain success. He did gain success for a short period of time. That was until Major League baseball caught up to him. Now he's sitting out 50 games.

UPDATE: Melky allegedly bought a fake website containing a fake drug in an attempt to avoid his 50 game suspension  He has taken being an idiot to a whole new level. The Feds are now involved and he risks receiving much more than a 50 game ban. The Giants should drop him now! Visit to read more about this story.


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