Thursday, August 23, 2012

Has Roger Goodell Flipped His Lid?

Roger Goodell has stated that replacement referees officiating NFL regular season games could be good for the long term improvements to officiating. He can't be serious can he? Has he flipped his lid? Is he living under a rock? Does he just want to come across as a clown?

Roger Goodell is just making stuff as he goes as the NFL/NFLPA labor dispute drags on. The replacement officials have been putrid and are overwhelmed. Even with a 100% improvement, the officiating would be sub-par if they're allowed to ref regular season games.

The only thing I can make of his comments is that the replacement officials suck so bad that Goodell is using this as an experiment and evidence to provide the regular officials of how not officiate a game. Maybe he's using this as as evidence to set baseline standards that regular officials will be held to and maybe he wants to include that in contract talks.

The problem with Goodell's comments, if he's serious is that he's undermining the integrity of the game. He is willing to continue an experiment gone terribly wrong. It's one thing to experiment with clowns during the preseason but it's quite another to risk the safety of the players, the outcome of games and the integrity of the game during the regular season.

Goodell has made player safety his number one concern. If he's really serious about that, he will wake up and see what everyone else sees. Replacement officials suck. They don't have a clue about what's going on. They're too confused to do an adequate job. The speed of the game will intensify during the regular season. The officials will need to be sharp and keep up with the pace of the game.

There is very little chance that these loser officials will be able to do that. If that's the case, they will place the safety of players in jeopardy. It's terrible F\for Roger Goodell to be serious about using replacement officials for the regular season. It's unforgivable and it's asinine.

The owners need to step in and rein in a commissioner who has lost his marbles. Maybe he is just frothing at the mouth for negotiating purposes. Maybe he's trying to make the regular officials think he's actually serious about using the clown referees.

If I were the regular officials, I would call his bluff. I would wait until the regular season starts and see all the blunders and chaos transpiring on the field. Then they would have Goodell by the coconuts and they could tighten their grip.

For the sake of the NFL, its players and the fans, I hope that Roger Goodell is kidding. I hope he's not serious and I hope he wouldn't jeopardize player safety and the integrity of the game by allowing the bumbling replacements to actually officiate regular season games. If he is serious, then Goodell has truly flipped his lid.

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