Thursday, August 30, 2012

Going, Going, Tsonga

Going, Going, Tsonga (Gone) or Out of gas, out of time could describe Frenchman, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga's fate at this year's US Open Tennis Championship. It looks like Tsonga's pre-tournament prediction that France wouldn't fair well at the tournament, came true.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Signed Photo - 8x10Tosnga, the 5th ranked player, lost to Martin Klizan of Slovakia. Klizan is the 52nd ranked player.  reports that Klizan had failed to reach the 3rd round in previous Grand Slam events and had never defeated a player ranked higher than 49.

Tsonga admitted he was in poor shape. I say that if that's the case, lay off the croissants and get into shape. It's embarrassing to him and his country that a professional athlete didn't come to play and wasn't in shape for a tournament of this magnitude. Did he take this tournament as a joke?

I sure hope not but he should have taken it more seriously. For a 52nd ranked player to knock off a 5th seeded player in 4 sets is ridiculous. Tsonga should be ashamed of himself.

The other thing that bothers me, besides his lack of effort and his poor attitude is that people paid to see this match. While I'm sure that some people loved the fact that their was major upset, some people will be disgusted and annoyed.

Tsonga's lack of professionals and work ethic is also a slap in the face to the US Open Championship and its organizers. The only thing that I expect out of the tennis players at this year's torunament is that they give it all tyey have and that they enter the tournament in good shape.

It's unforgivable to use being out of shape as an excuse. Maybe that's just that, an excuse. Maybe Tsonga, who's used to making it past the 2nd round, took his opponent too lightly. That probably left the window open for Klizan.

Give credit to Klizan for playing a good match and taking advantage of Tsonga's lackluster game. Kudos to Klizan for not folding under the pressure. No one would have said anything had the 52nd ranked player lost the match. Now everyone is talking. Klizan did the unthinkable. He beat a 5th seeded player.

Tsonga is now going home and will have to answer to the French media who must be angry with his lack of effort and his pre-tournament prediction.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
Do You Think Tsonga Was Prepared for His Match Against Klizan

I'm Not Sure

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