Friday, August 10, 2012

Dudman Not Superman

It is being reported that sources have told ESPN that Dwight Howard has been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in a 4 team trade. For the Orlando Magic, they are finally rid of the mental case known as Superman. The cancer eating away at the team has now spread to another team.

Dwight Howard Signed Picture - SUPERMAN 8x10 PSA DNADwight Howard is not Superman. He is Dudman. When one thinks of Superman, they not only look at his strength but his character and desire to do the right thing and protect society. Superman puts his life on the line to protect civilization.

While Superman is a mythical character and comparing him to Dwight Howard is just a fictional comparison, giving Dwight Howard that nickname is a slap in the face to anything that is good in this world. Dwight Howard is not only a jerk, he is a disgusting teammate. He is a selfish person who acted like a person with a mental health issue this past NBA season.

I don't think he's a good teammate. At the very first sign of trouble, this moron will be the first to disrupt his teammates and the coaching staff. The LA Lakers now have player that will want to be the center of attention. It will be all about him. I don't believe that Kobe Bryant will be able to keep this nut job in check.

The biggest issue bringing Dwight "Dudman" Howard to the Lakes is that the team is bringing in a guy who won't sign a contract extension. He will play the season out and become an unrestricted free agent. While the Lakers might want to test the waters out to see if he's worth signing long-term, they will also have to baby the guy to make him feel comfortable with the team.

Dwight Howard will be the focus of the team. They will have shower him with praise and babysit him. They will have to buy a boatload of pacifiers to soothe his ego when he's whining and crying. Instead of getting a player who acts like a professional, they are getting one of the biggest cry babies and head cases in the NBA.

I might be proven wrong but I don't think it was worth bringing Dudman to the Lakers. The team will now be like a circus. It's going to be crazy and Dwight Howard's cancer is set to spread to the Lakers.

Video source: You Tube courtesy of ESPN

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Dwight could not have handled this with any less class, and while admire his ability to play on a team he clearly didn't want to be on, I have no respect for the guy. No one should have to be on the other end of Howard's whining. I almost feel sorry for the Lakers. Almost.

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