Friday, August 31, 2012

Did Roger Goodell Blink First?

Video source: You Tube courtesy of ESPN
I always thought that talks between the NFL and the NFLRA (NFL Referees Association) would resume based on who blinked first. It looks like the NFL and Roger Goodell blinked first. Sources say that the NFL and the NFLRA are meeting today. That's good news. Maybe now the regular officials will start game 1 of the 2012 NFL regular season.

Roger Goodell has maintained for months that the NFL could start with the replacements and that everything would be OK. He held that line until this week. I've criticized the commissioner for his attitude and position regarding this matter. It looks like Goodell is listening to the fans, the players and the coaches. He should have done this earlier.

Now he's negotiating from a weaker position. The referees know that the NL can't afford to start the replacements. Had Roger Goodell started negotiations a month ago, he might have been in a better position to get a better deal for the NFL.

My guess is that the owners were directing Roger to take a tough stance against the NFRA. My guess is that they have come to their senses after witnessing bothced call after botcheed call. They probably have had to hear earfuls of complaints from fans and coaches. They finally succumbed to the pressure. They finally came to their senses.

While I wasn't confident that we would see the regulars in game 1. I'm now hopeful that we will. While the league might not be in as strong a position as they could have been in, I'm sure the referees want to get back to work as well.

While I've criticized Goodell for taking a stupid position in this matter, I'm glad that cooler heads have prevailed. I'm glad that the NFL is doing the right thing by getting back to the negotiation table. I just hope that both sides will reach a deal by next Wednesday.

If they do, I will then be able to turn my criticism to the regular officials when they blow calls. Fair is fair isn't it?

Will the NFL and NFLRA Reach and Agreement Prior to the Start of the NFL Regular Season?

I'm Not Sure


  1. I don't see a deal happening before the start of the season and this is a tragedy. The replacement officials are in way over their heads and it is painful to watch. In Americas most popular sport and with only 16 games, every single game counts. Frankly, I think we as fans should stay home until the professionals call the games.

  2. Thanks for your comment JB. I agree with you and I can;t imagine how upset a team would be if some bad calls in a game cost the team from winning. One game is 6% of the season.

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