Monday, August 6, 2012

Daily Honor Roll - August 6th, 2012

On this day there is only 1 honoree. It's a team that exhibited fair play and was still robbed by a cheating Olympic referee. While the team lost, it's amazing play and dedication to the sport deserves an honor.

Team Canada Women's Soccer Team - With 10 minutes left and Canada getting closer to upsetting Team USA, the Norwegian referee decided to make calls to ensure team USA would win the game. The first cheating call came after the referee called the Canadian Goalkeeper for delay of game.

For most honest and decent human beings watching the game, they felt betrayed and a sense of disbelief. The referee awarded an indirect free kick in the penalty area. Even Team USA's coach said that she had never seen that call made before. The USA took their chance and the ball glanced off the hand of a Canadian defender.

It was an inadvertent play. Never the less, the cheating Norwegian referee called a penalty kick and Team USA tied the game. That call and the delay of game should have never been made. It sure looked like the fix was on in this game.

From their, the cheating referee made call after call to try and ensure that Team USA retained possession and chances to take the lead.

Team Canada had a chance late. With an American player down in her area and Canada pressing with numbers, Canada kicked the ball out of bounds to allow the American player to receive medical attention. It was a classy move and showed that Canada's women are great sportswomen.

I'm sure NBC is happy with this ridiculous outcome. Their ratings will be through the roof as Team USA faces Japan in the gold medal match, which is a rematch of the World Cup Final. You can draw your own conclusions but I have made mine and it annoys me!

Team Canada deserves to be on the honor roll today. Congratulations ladies. In the mind of most decent people, you won the game!


  1. If you're going to make the accusation that the call was fixed, you should at least get the facts right. There were two hand contacts (ok, forearm contacts) on that play. I believe it was the second one that drew the call. Regardless, there were many bad calls in this game, in both directions (a horrendous non-call on an Alex Morgan breakaway in the penalty area in the first half, for example, and the missed handball call on Megan Rapinoe, for another). Melissa Tancredi should have been ejected in the second half, which would have made for a better way for the official to throw the match than a controversial call, but it didn't happen. In the end, it's sad that such an otherwise hard-fought and well-played game by two excellent teams, brilliant performances by Sinclair and Rapinoe, and good sportsmanship displays (Canada's intentional stoppage with numbers for an injured US player was marred by such controversy. Controversy is one thing, but a claim for match-fixing is quite another, and smacks of bitterness and poor sportsmanship.

  2. Linkster, may be "Fix" was too harsh. At a minimum the ref needs to be sanctioned. The problem with those who run the Olympics is that they allow inexperienced refs like the Norwegian ref to officiate a game like this or any Olympic game

    I still say that the calls in the last 10 minutes were ridiculous and even the American coach said she had never seen the Delay of Game call ever!

    I agree that an otherwise incredible game was spoiled by the nonsense calls by the Norwegian ref.

    There was also a hand ball by an American player that was missed by the ref, which should have given Canada a penalty.

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful response.

    If you look at my earlier response, you will see that I included the handball non-call to which you refer in my list, and I agree with you on that. There were other non-calls, though, that could have resulted in USA penalty kicks earlier in the match as well. There were some missed calls in this game (as there are in every soccer game I've ever watched) and, in my opinion, one bad call in the delay against Canada.

    That single bad call, particularly at that point in the game, led to the handball call (which, while I respect that you don't think it was valid, I can at least see as a judgment call for the official, and different people with different perspectives on the play will call it differently).

    So the way I see it, there were missed calls in both directions, and one bad call, which likely affected the outcome of the match. It is unfortunate that that one call soiled, if not spoiled, a truly exciting contest in which Canada played at the peak of it's game and had the number one ranked team in the world on the ropes to that point. But to state that the match was fixed along with the associated innuendo is insulting to the ability and integrity of a talented US team and is unbecoming of Canadian sports fans and, indeed, to some of its players who made similar statements.

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