Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daily Honor Roll - August 15th, 2012

We're back with another honor roll inductee. Sorry for missing yesterday's honor roll but there wasn't anyone or any team worthy of being honored. Today we only have one honoree but what he accomplished this afternoon was truly amazing. UPDATE: A new entry had to be added tonight.

Felix Hernandez - The pitcher of the Seattle Mariners pitched a perfect game against the Tam Bay Rays. Throwing a no hitter is amazing but a perfect game? That's absolutely phenomenal. This is only the 23rd time in Major League Baseball history that this has been accomplished.

To pitch a perfect game, a pitcher not only has to throw a no hitter but there can't be any fielder errors or walks. No batter from the other team can reach 1st base in any way, shape or form.

The accomplishments of Hernandez's no hitter is worthy of him being honored today. I don't think anything in the sports world will top that today!

Team USA Soccer Men's Team - It had been 75 years since the USA had won in Mexico. Tonight, facing the Olympic Gold Medalists, the odds were overwhelmingly against Team USA. Well, a miracle occurred and our men did win. They won 1-0 in Azteca stadium.

What a great day in sports. A perfect game by a pitcher and a perfect outcome in Mexico.

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