Thursday, August 2, 2012

Can Mark Sanchez Get the Jets to the Goal Line?

The New York Jets have unveiled their Tim Tebow Goal Line Offense. I'm not a big fan of trickery and circus-like antics when it comes to an NFL offense. Sure, you do need the occasional trick play like an on-side kick but implementing a process into the offense that will take place every time the team is near the goal line is something quite different.

I have one question for the Jets. Can Mark Sanchez drive his offense near the goal line? It might seem like a joke. I'm not kidding. I'm not a big fan of Sanchez. I think he has limited abilities as a quarterback. I think he's an average QB at best and mediocre one is more like it.

Now Sanchez will be facing added pressure that he doesn't need. Instead of focusing on the game and scoring points, he will either feel like he needs to produce TDs or get his team close enough for Tim Tebow to try and score the points.

By unveiling his new Tebow Goal Line offense, Rex Ryan is letting his tricks out of the bag. What is the need to even announce it? Why not keep all the trickery to yourself. I haven't been a big fan of Ryan and he continues to act more and more like a clown than an NFL head coach.

I feel that NFL teams have learned from Tebow's miracles. One thing NFL teams are great at is making adjustments. It's rare that NFL teams fall for the same antics as they did in the past. While Tebow was great at trickery last year, I believe he will have some problems this year.

I think it will also be hard to come off the bench in limited situations. The Jets would be better suited, grooming Tebow as a back-up and potential replacement to Sanchez should he fail again. Tim Tebow is being used as a gimmick and I think it's ridiculous.

The Jets are implementing former Dolphins coach, Tony Sporano's wildcat type of offense. Sporano had success for a year in Miamni with the offense but that changed the following year as opponents had caught on to the gimmick.

Time will tell how this works out but I'm not confident it will work.

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