Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bronze it is!

Team Canada put their heartbreaking loss to the USA aside today as they faced France in the Bronze medal game. Canada beat France 1-0 and the Canadians will be coming home with a well deserved bronze medal. This is a great day for Women's soccer in Canada and hopefully even great things are in store for our women in the future.

It was obvious that Canada was tired in the second half. The tournament and the Semi-Final match took a lot out of them. France had numerous chances to score some goals but it wasn't to be for Le Bleues. Canada used almost all the time allotted on the clock to pull out a victory. 2 minutes of stoppage time was added after 90 minutes.

It was looking like Canada and France were heading to Extra time (2 15 minute Overtime periods) but Canada's Diana Matheson scored a goal in the 92nd minute to ensure bronze for the team that worked so hard during these Olympics and captivated a nation.

In fact, the goal came with just 30 seconds left in stoppage time. Canada and its media have followed this team for nearly two weeks. The women's game has had a void of a male fan base. To be honest, Team USA has done a lot to bring excitement to both men and women.

For Canada, these ladies have done their part as well. Soccer is finally receiving the attention it deserves. The quality of their game has improved exponentially over the years. I'm hoping that these Olympics will finally be the showcase that allows other countries to receive equal attention as their male counterparts.

I watched both the men's and women's soccer competitions this tournament. The most exciting games were played by the women. Their passion for the game was second to none. I find it really sad that a team like Brazil that is a top rated team and has so much potential, doesn't seem like it can reach its full potential because the Brazilian federation doesn't seem to give the team it's full support. In Brazil, it's the men's team that reigns supreme.

While I'm still upset with the debacle by the Norwegian referee that occurred a couple of days ago, winning the Bronze medal helped to soothe the pain. It was great to see the excitement on our ladies faces as they celebrated a hard fought victory and a great tournament!

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