Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brazil's Soccer Team is a Pretty Team With a Poor Attitude

Sportmentary could see this coming. I could see a Mexican upset against Brazil in the Men's gold medal match at Wembley Stadium. Mexico embarrassed the favored Brazilians. Brazil's plays a pretty game but their problem is that they have a poor attitude and feel entitled to win big games. I'm a fan of Brazil and I'm angry how they played in the first 25 minutes.

While Brazil have won the most World Cups and are the favored team in many tournaments, they are also great choke artists. The Brazilians have never won a gold medal at the Olympics. Today, they got off to a putrid start by giving up a goal to Mexico in the first 29 seconds.

I will give credit to Mexico who palyed very good defense and pressured Brazil at times. Brazil's problem is that they have Huber egos and feel that they are entitled to soccer riches. They believe that they are owed championships. Mexico showed the Brazilians what heart and passion is.

Mexico came out determined to teach the egomaniacs a lesson. They were determined to show Brazil what a good work ethic is. They were determined to show Brazil what teamwork is and they were determined to show Brazil that you have to work hard to be rewarded with gold medals and championships.

This poor attitude for Brazil is common. It's happened in this Olympics as well. Brazil has had slow starts in many games in the past 2 weeks. This game wasn't any different. So who do you blame? You have to blame the players. If you've done this game after game and tournament after tournament, you need to make adjustments.

Brazil is in need of an attitude adjustment. They need to have a work ethic where they have to fight to earn a gold medal or a World Cup. These guys need to be confident but they need to understand that just because they are supposed to be the best, it doesn't mean it will come naturally or easily.

Mexico is celebrating because they worked hard to win the game. They did their homework. They showed Brazil what a good attitude is and what a good work ethic is. Now Brazil will go back home, shamed by a Mexico squad.

Brazil needs to learn how to humble nevertheless. They need to understand that gold medals don't come easy. They have to work hard for championships. Brazil is a huge disappointment to their nation.

Sure Brazil had their moments and played pretty soccer but did they win? No! It's funny. When Brazil loses they look shocked. Instead of letting this happen, maybe they should grow some coconuts and a good work ethic. It's time that they take the soccer silver spoon out of their mouths and stop believing that they are entitled to championships.

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