Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Are the NHL & NHLPA Really Stupid Enough to Allow a Work Stoppage to Happen?

Video source: NHL.com
With a September 15th deadline getting closer and the the threat by the NHL that if a deal isn't reached by that date, they will lockout the players, time is running out. Are the NHL & NHLPA really stupid enough to allow a work stoppage to happen?

That's somewhat of an open ended question. Measuring the intelligence of Gary Bettman, NHL owners and NHL players is a tough task. They're all a bunch of blabbering idiots. I have very little confidence in the players intelligence. Half of these guys didn't even go to college. That accusation may not be fair and maybe even incorrect but I don't think they're very smart.

Gary Bettman might not be an idiot from an intellectual point of view but the guy has to be one of the worst commissioners. His league has just come off the greatest NHL seasons in the history of the league and he's willing to let it go up in smoke?

Someone needs to sit this clown down and explain to him that USA hockey fans will not forgive the NHL. The NHL is considered a third rate league by most Americans. The NHL is finally making headway in gaining market share and they are willing to allow for a work stoppage?

Americans are loyal to their their other major sports leagues. The NFL and MLB  dwarf the NHL. While a work stoppage would hurt these leagues, they could survive. So could the NBA and it proved that this year. The NFL avoided a work stoppage because they didn't want to take a chance that their product would be harmed.

Bettman should realize that Americans have alternatives to the NHL. They will leave for those alternatives and never come back. Why should they?

To answer the question the question posed at the beginning of this article, yes I do think these ding dongs could allow a stoppage to occur. They are so set in their ways, without regard to the consequences, that they might draw a line in the sand that cannot be crossed.

It's not good for business for either side. Both sides will lose money and both sides will have a league that is less popular than it could have been. I'm hoping that smarter heads will prevail and that there won't be a lockout but using the word smart int he same sentence as the NHL or its players is an oxymoron.

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