Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Antonio Cromartie Has Flipped His Lid

Antomio Cromartie a cornerback with the New York Jets, said that he is the Jets second best receiver. The comment was made after taking just one rep. Cromartie is a defensive player and a good one but one of the best receivers on the Jets? Cromartie has flipped his lid.

I'm loving the circus being displayed again in New York by their crusty the clown coach, Rex Ryan. Ryan promised that things would be different this year. He doesn't seem to have control of idiotic players like Cromartie.

There still seems to be a me, me, me attitude on the team. Rex Ryan is to blame. He is making his football team look like an international handball team. Chaos is everywhere. He wants to make Tim Tebow into a kickoff returner and special teams player.

He wants to make Cromartie into a wide receiver. All that does is fuel resentment from other players who have taken years and trained hard to become skilled NFL players. One of Cromartie's teammates, Chaz Schilens feels slighted by the comment?

Why shouldn't he? He has a teammate in Crommartie who is a selfish loudmouth punk. I'm sure other players on the Jets want Crommartie to stick to what he knows best and that's being a cornerback.

How would Cromartie feel if kicker Josh Brown said that he was the best cornerback on the Jets? Cromartie wouldn't be happy with someone undermining his skills. That's exactly what Cromartie did to his teammates.

As I said earlier, I love seeing this stuff from the Jets. It shows me that the Jets are a team that hasn't been reigned in and that is out of control. It shows their fans that they aren't getting back to basics but want a hodge podge team that is trying to make every player into a multi-purpose player.

Rex Ryan should stick to working out the kinks of a team that went south last year and stop with the goofiness that he's trying to accomplish this season. He needs to have better control of his players and stop them from making outlandish comments that are detrimental to his team.

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