Saturday, July 14, 2012

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Eviscerated by the Edmonton Eskimos

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers fell to 0-3 on the season as they lost 42-10 to the Edmonton Eskimos in what could only be described as Friday the 13th: Part 3 for the Blue & Gold as nothing went right for them and it all started in the first quarter where it was 10-0 before you could say "Joe Mack we want swaggerville back". Demond Washington fumbled the ball on a punt return that ex-Bomber Clint Kent returned for a touchdown and Buck Pierce was intercepted by Donovon Alexander that led to an Eskimo field goal. 

Pierce was also knocked out of the game in the 1st quarter and things went from bad to worse in the second quarter as the Bombers defense was burned by a Steven Jyles 33 yard long bomb to a wide open Cary Koch, who looked like the second coming of Brian Kelly. 

Alex Brink took over but he could not change the Bombers fortune as he was picked off in his own end by TJ hill, who took it for a pick six that made the score 24-0. The Eskimos piled it on and capped the 2nd quarter with an impressive touch down drive that included a 60 yard run by Hugh Charles. The Eskimos led 35-0 at the half and the CFL should have called an emergency meeting of the board of governors to invoke a mercy rule as there was no chance the Bombers were going to mount a comeback. 

The Bombers did play with a little more passion in the second half as the defense stuffed the Eskimos on a 3 and inches. Glenn January got into it with Edmonton's rush ends Julius Williams and Marcus Howard and all three were ejected from the game, leading to a Justin Palardy field goal. Shortly thereafter Alex Brink was knocked out of the game, after taking a vicious hit that left him dazed and confused when he banged his head on the turf. Billy Elliot took over and promptly hooked up Chris Matthews, the only shinning light for the Blue in this otherwise dark and dreary season, for a 72 yard TD.

Despite the mini momentum switch the dye had already been cast and the Eskimos were going through the motions, which resulted in some careless play on their part as Steven Jyles fumbled the ball when he was sacked. The Bombers recovered but on the very next play Elliot was picked off in the end zone as he threw into triple coverage on a pass intended for Chris Matthews. 

The Eskimos shouldn't take too much away from this game as they were playing perhaps the weakest link in the CFL but winning this convincingly should be a confidence boost. The Bombers on the other hand have no where to go but up as it could not have been any worse of an effort, nor could they have had anything more go wrong for them. That may not be entirely true as they have a short week and head to Toronto to play Ricky Ray and the Argos. 

Yes, the same Rickie Ray who made minced meat out of the defense last season, when it had swagger. This season the Bombers defense barely has a pulse but that could be said for the team in general, which lacks passion and desire. This is Joe Mack's mess and he better clean it up fast. Coach Lapolice better hope it gets cleaned up or he may be cleaning out his office before Buck Pierce can get knocked out of another game!

Article by Sportmentary's Winnipeg correspondent, The Comish.

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