Friday, July 20, 2012

Watch Out! A Drunk NFL Player May Be Driving Close By You

If you live in a city that has an NFL team and you're driving, watch out. A drunk or drugged out NFL player might be driving right next to you. In the past 3 weeks, 6 NFL players have been arrested for DUI related crimes.

When I open my email to read sports postings, I expect to see some articles detailing an arrest of an NFL player. Some of these guys just can't seem to stay away from the spirits or the whacky tabacky. While it angers me that these guys refuse order a cab, it does provide material for my busted page.

It's not funny for someone to drink and drive but it's laughable what a bunch of drunk clowns some players are. The NFL is getting quite the reputation as a criminals league. It's like the wild west of criminal activity by NFL players.

While it's only some players who are getting into trouble, those players are giving the league a terrible reputation. The NFLPA isn't blameless either. They should be concerned with the integrity of their players. They should be sending a message that they won't tolerate this terrible behavior.

I won't hold my breath regarding the NFLPA. I think these guys are enablers. They seem to always defend awful behavior by their players. I have no respect for the NFLPA. I believe they defend players who I believe try to behead their opponents.

Why should I think the NFLPA would care about their players putting the public is harms way by driving drunk. It's obviosu to me that the NFLPA supports their players no matter how terrible their behavior is.

If it was me and I was head of the NFLPA, I would work with the NFL to enact strict penalties for players who commit crimes. I would ensure that my members signed a personal conduct policy and I would clearly outline the penalties that could be handed out if they violated that policy.

I wouldn't try to butt heads with the NFL at every opportunity and for any reason. I wouldn't want to make myself look like a clown by defending criminal actions by my members.

It's a pipe dream hoping that the NFLPA would instantly grow a backbone. I don't believe it has any. For now, the public needs to take matters into their own hands by being alert on the roads of NFL cities. you don't know when a drunk NFL player might be putting your safety on the line.

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