Monday, July 16, 2012

Vilma Proves To Me That He Is A Scumbag

Vilma proved to me today that he is a scumbag and a clown. I believe that this moron played a huge part in the New Orleans Saints bountygate. He was suspended and is suing Roger Goodell for defamation. I thought then that his law suit was ridiculous but after today's actions, I think he is living in lal la land.

So what is Vilma claiming now? He claims that the 1 year suspension for his role in bountygate will harm his medical condition. He claims his medical condition needs to be monitored under the supervision of Saints medical staff.

What a bunch of garbage. First off, that doesn't mean that he should be forgiven for his role in a barbaric and against the rules scandal. He should have thought about the consequences of his actions prior to taking part in bountygate. He should have said to himself "If I get caught, what will happen to my medical condition". He didn't , because that's a bunch of nonsense.

Even if it were true, he could pay another expert to monitor his situation. If a judge were to find in favor of him, due to this garbage claim, couldn't convicted murderers, rapists and child molesters claim that their sentence could harm their medical condition?

Vilma had more than enough time and opportunity to meet with commissioner Goodell but chose to remain silent and wait for his decision. When that decision was harsh and appropriate, the clown decided to sue Goodell.

I said a few months back that I thought that Vilma should have been banned for life. I stand by that belief. It's too bad that this jackass will be able to return to the football field. He is a disgrace to every athlete. He is disgrace to the NFL and he is a disgrace to any decent human being.

I believe that Vilma is a scumbag and a horrible man. Can I prove that? No but that's my belief. I believe an honorable man would own up to his involvement and take the punishment. I believe had this moron visited with Goodell, he might have received a lighter sentence.

I believe that an honorable human being would have met with Goodell to tell his side of the story. I believe that since Vilma didn't do that, he was hiding the truth. I believe he can't defend himself. I believe his lawsuit is a smoke screen and based on garbage.

I hate the guy. I hope he loses his lawsuit. I hope his suspension stands and I hope that this man pays for his actions. I have no respect for him. I think he is a rotten man. How do I really feel? Read what I wrote above and if you have your own opinion, you can use the comment link at the end of this post.

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