Sunday, July 22, 2012

Should Paterno's Statue Be Dismantled To Bits?

This morning the statue of Joe Paterno was removed from Penn State. The right decision was made. One of the remaining questions that I have; What will happen to the statue and will further measures be taken to further distance the university from the Paterno era?

Will Paterno's statue be Dismantled to bits? That would be pretty cool. The university could then take the bits to a garbage dump where they belong. The statue represents a man who I believe allowed a friend and colleague to repeatedly rape and sodomize children.

The statue must be discarded, never to be seen again. Why? Because there are lunatics out there who still admire and lust over Paterno. Lust? Yes. Some freaks love the guy as if he were their lover. This love affair for a guy who is alleged to have stood by while children were victimized is horrific.

As you can see, I have no patience for what I believe Paterno did and for his cult like admirers who can't see that he did something evil and unforgivable. So what's the next steps for Penn State?

I've mentioned this in other articles recently. The university must remove all references to Paterno. This includes team records. At the very least there should be a note beside all Paterno team records indicating what the man has been alleged to have done.

I also think the team should suspend the football program for 3-5 years. This would establish a new culture and show students, coaches, athletes and teachers that the football program isn't above every other department at the university. It would also show current and future athletes that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and that the university is an institution of higher learning, first and foremost.

What Penn State ultimately decides is anyone's guess. I sure hope that this is the first step for the university cleansing themselves of everything Paterno. That is what the legacy of Paterno should be. Every football accomplishment should be erased and cleansed as if it never occurred. His evil actions dictate that this would be the right course of action.

I believe his inaction's and enabling of Sandusky is his legacy. It wipes out every football accomplishment because of the horrific nature of what he enabled Sandusky to do. These are my opinions and I'm basing them on what the Freeh report has stated. For now, I'm satisfied with the report.

I wonder if the University will ever announce what they've done with the statue. I'm guessing they won't. The resting place of the statue would only serve as a shrine for freaks to flock to. That's why they should dismantle it and disperse the pieces in a garbage dump. That's a fitting shrine for an evil man.

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