Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Scumbag Coach Punches His Own Player After a Loss

A Wisconsin girls basketball coach reportedly punched and battered one of his players, after his team lost the game. Reports show that the coach might have been the aggressor and was violent towards his player. Fred Freeman faces a misdemeanor charge.

Fred Freeman is a punk. He's a disgrace to his sport and sports in general. Coaches are supposed lead by example. They are supposed to teach their players. That's what sports is all about. This piece of #2 should be fired and banned from coaching at any level.

This thug of a man should receive some hard time. I hope he gets a few years in the poky. He doesn't deserve to walk the streets with decent people. If found guilty, I hope he's shamed in his community and throughout Wisconsin.

I hate reporting stories like this. I hate when grown adults act like idiots and can't lead by example. It's up to a coach to compose himself. It's up to them to show his team, restraint. It's up to a coach to teach his players how to deal with a loss.

That's what coaching is all about. It's being a teacher. It's being a role model. It's not being a monster. It's not beating up one of your players. I guess we have to give this lunatic the benefit of the doubt. There is a slim chance he might be innocent.

I mean slim. Apparently there were people who witnessed his brutal actions, including his own daughter. That's another disturbing aspect of this story. How can a father beat up one of his players as his child watches in disgust?

What image does she now have of her pathetic dad? How can this monster live with himself? He should be ashamed of himself for his terrible and thug actions. Do I sound mad? Of course I am. It sickens me that a coach could act in this manner.

There is absolutely no place for this type of behavior. I would even go as far as saying this man should be banned from every sporting event but that would be impossible to enforce. This man doesn't belong near children. He belongs in the zoo with other animals! Sorry if I insulted animals. They actually shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as this moron.

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